Shocking: Nikki Haley Resigns, Says She Isn’t Running in 2020


Breaking the hearts of a lot of conservatives today, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley announced this morning that she is resigning from her position. According to President Trump, Haley had planned this resignation for a while now, notifying the President that she hasn’t planned to maintain the position during her entire tenure. While many immediately speculated that Ambassador Haley was resigning to begin a 2020 run for office, Haley herself squashed those rumors, claiming that she plans to help Trump campaign in 2020, and until then to support his policies publicly.

Ambassador Haley made waves in Trump’s admin, as her strong support of Israel and execution of the President’s “America First” mentality has made her a huge star of the Right, and a villain in the eyes of the Left. Funny enough, despite the President knowing Haley’s plans to exit well in advance, her decision to leave apparently shocked both Secretary Pompeo and John Bolton.

In conspiracy land, Left-wing publications such as the Washington Post are currently speculating that Ambassador Haley resigned in order to keep her name clear of anything the special counsel reports on, out of guilt for the recent death of a Saudi journalist, and other such strange speculations.

Haley announced she is willing to keep her position until January of 2019 in order for the President to find a replacement, and the President announced he would be ready to announce the results of his replacement process in the upcoming weeks. It is noteworthy that Haley stepping down is announced right after the Kavanaugh confirmation, but comfortably before the midterms, in order to not mess with any of the momentum the Republican party has managed to garner these past weeks.

Here’s hoping that whoever fills Ambassador Haley’s shoes represents us as resolutely and as fairly as her.



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