Winning: U.S. House Passes $5.7 Billion for Trump’s Wall, Senate Vote Determines Gov Shutdown

“It is worth noting that Trump’s future viability as a candidate, and legacy really as a president, is tied to delivering on the wall.”

In huge news, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that approves $5.7 billion for Trump’s southern border wall. The bill will go to the U.S. Senate, where many doubt it will pass. If the bill doesn’t pass, reports indicate that President Trump will shut down the government, proving many outlets who predicted he was going to be soft on this issue wrong.

While many have focused on Trump’s desire to pass funding for the wall, this bill also determines funding for seven government agencies, as well as infrastructure and other matters. The Senate hilariously passed a stop-gap bill on Wednesday that contained no funding for a border wall, but hoped to keep the government running until at least February. Trump indicated that there was no way he would sign off on that bill, going on a Twitter spree the morning after explaining his viewpoint.

The President received a huge swath of negative press from his die-hard base, who was growing ever more concerned that Trump would back down from his major campaign promise. While Libertarians like Sen. Rand Paul (R) are happy with the huge feats of criminal justice reform and pulling out of Syria that Trump has accomplished, this “new Republican” alliance led by Breitbart and the Daily Caller need the wall as a sort of assurance that the administration would stay tough on immigration.

In a great news moment, the President unfollowed author and commentator Ann Coulter last night, who called Trump out in a lengthy column, saying that based on his campaign promises Trump should’ve, “held his inauguration in San Diego” and immediately gotten to work on the matter.

Coulter continued:

“Instead of joining a fight that will make his most ardent supporters cringe no matter how it comes out, why not choose a battleground where he’s guaranteed a win? If Trump used the military to build the wall — actually build it, not keep telling us he’s going to build it — the Democrats will go mad.

They’ll hold impeachment hearings, file a million lawsuits, produce weeping children reading from phony scripts written by immigrant rights groups — and Trump will win. The public will support Trump overwhelmingly, and the left will be forced to keep reminding voters why they hate Democrats.

Instead, what he’s doing now absolutely guarantees that the next president will be a Democrat and, given today’s Democratic Party, that president will be Kamala Harris.”

Despite Trump unfollowing Coulter, it seems he might have taken her criticism to heart, as his threats of not signing off on any bill that doesn’t fund the border wall are definitely pushing things along, at least in the House. Exiting House Speaker Paul Ryan indicated that Trump held a late night meeting expressing his firm stance on the wall, which is what seems to have spurred the last second House bill.

In a rather good choice of words, Ryan stated, “We want to keep the government open but we also want to see an agreement that protects the border.”

Many are right to be skeptical that the bill will have any traction in the Senate, where Trump has faced plenty of opposition as of late. Just yesterday, figures like Lindsay Graham took to their pulpits to criticize Trump for choosing to not waste any more lives and money on the Syria conflict.

However, the moderates might not all be against Trump, as Rubio took to Twitter to defend Trump’s bill, indicating he supports strengthening the border.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer also indicated that the Democrats in the Senate were in no way going to support border wall funding, but after Trump’s absolute mockery of the Senate’s stop-gap bill, things are up in the air. Compromise would be the logical course of action here, but compromise is also what got the government into this situation, and if either side gets exactly what they want, the other one will be left unfulfilled, although it is worth noting that Trump’s future viability as a candidate, and legacy really as a president is tied to the wall.

Libertarians have reason to rejoice either way, as the likely-to-occur government shutdown is exactly the Christmas miracle we all asked for.

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