Ignore the Neocons, Trump Declaring Victory in Syria is the Morally Correct Decision

“Every president for the past 50 years or so has promised to pull back on military power and respect life over foreign profit, and time and time again we’re entered into a pointless war or conflict because some general or adviser thought it was important at the time.”

In a rather stunning decision on Wednesday, President Trump announced that he’s declaring victory against ISIS in Syria, and will be withdrawing the 2000 troops we have over there. Aside from the obvious fact that this fulfills Trump’s non-interventionist campaign promise, this news is tasty for a whole bevy of reasons, but don’t forget for one second that this is indeed a victory for the American people.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

The second that Trump made his announcement over Twitter, scores of journalists from (allegedly) both sides of the spectrum attacked the decision, stating several lies that are worth calling out. A basic understanding of foreign affairs could really shield anyone from these lies, which is why it’s all the more important to research topics before you believe your outlet of choice.

First, Neocons like David French have been claiming that President Trump’s decision is an act of weakness, and is akin to capitulating to the wills of Russia and Iran, who have been protecting the Assad regime during this whole conflict. While it is indeed true that Russia and Iran have directly challenged the U.S. and promised retaliation should we attempt to topple Assad, that doesn’t mean that pulling out of the conflict is capitulating to their interests. To anyone who paid attention to the past decade of foreign affairs, Russia has every right to take a stand against the U.S. in its handling of Middle Eastern countries.

What the Obama administration did to Libya during the Arab Spring was absolutely heinous, as our involvement directly led to turning Libya from stable, to an absolute failed state where the trade of slaves has resumed and a huge power vacuum exists, just begging for terror groups to train and terrorize a devastated population. This obviously has a negative impact on Iran, who for all accounts and purposes desires stability in the region, and if anything, good on Russia for being skeptical of the U.S., since under Obama we abandoned any and all semblance of international law in forsaking the U.N., and in using NATO as a global police force to enrich the military industrial complex. Leaving is not an act of weakness or capitulation, but rather a feat of strength.

Next, liberals in the New York Times and CNN have been claiming that Trump’s decision is merely bravado, and it only weakens us and puts us at further risk of attacks in the future. This point is barely worth debating, but is rather prevalent unfortunately. What we need to realize as a nation is that many of the enemies we face are self-created monsters in order to feed a massive military and justify bureaucrats in Washington and abroad. We are indeed responsible for ISIS, and have trained and funded its members to fight in our foolish escapades abroad. The horrific, but sporadic and unrelated acts of domestic terror that occurs in their name on a semi-monthly basis isn’t a pervasive threat that needs to be eradicated, but rather a visceral reaction to our horrible policy abroad that inspires and enables the already unbalanced and young to commit horrendous acts.

Reports are noting that while ISIS has indeed been diminished, if not outright defeated in Syria, groups consisting of or resembling al-Qaeda have popped up, essentially highlighting the fact that we need to just leave in bold.  The U.S. has the best military on the planet, and we are fully equipped to demolish any major power in the world, but what nobody will ever be able to do is crush a revolutionary movement, fueled by a desire for self-identity and independence. The longer we fight these people, the more they splinter, the less they become armies we can face off against, and instead of getting to use tanks and jets, we have to rely on the TSA, NSA, drone strikes, and other horrid tactics to keep us “safe”. Alternatively, we can leave Assad to handle Syria, and allow Saudi and Iran to rebuild the Middle East in a way less destructive way. If we follow this (which Trump’s admin has been rather good about,) we’ll see a rather stark decrease in threats and acts of terror, but that doesn’t make for good ratings now does it?

Finally, both liberals and neocons are claiming that Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria goes against the advice of trusted advisers and foreign policy experts. Almost nobody has been named in these articles from USA Today and CNN, but we’re supposed to take on face value that the very people who got us into decades long war and an era of absolute moral decay are to be trusted in this matter. Worth noting is that had Kennedy listened to his military advisers during the Cuban Missile Crisis, we wouldn’t have a Florida anymore (which might have been the right decision come to think about it,) but thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and the lust for warfare was put aside for the betterment of man.

While the situation in Syria isn’t nearly this severe, it is worth noting that this neo-liberal/neocon attitude is exactly what has gotten us into this situation. Every president for the past 50 years or so has promised to pull back on military power and respect life over foreign profit, and time and time again we’re entered into a pointless war or conflict because some general or adviser thought it was important at the time.

Learn to Call it When we Can

Remember that Obama spent his entire time as president at war. Obama had famously stated:

“I stand before you,” Obama began, “as someone who is not opposed to war in all circumstances,” and he cited the Civil War as a legitimate conflict. Three times he would repeat the phrase, “I don’t oppose all wars,” providing examples each time. What I do oppose is a dumb war.

A little ironic.

The death of the Weekly Standard was beautiful to those in the liberty movement, as it didn’t just show the power that Trump has had in shaping the GOP going forward, but it also shows the intolerance the public really will have going forward in regards to war. For too long we have trusted advisers and world leaders that WMD’s lie in Iraq’s borders, that Assad and Gaddafi deserve to be toppled and executed, and that we need to trust Ivy league educated lawyers and businessmen to have power that nobody in the whole world should be responsible for.

I really hope that we do step into a new era that isn’t scared to end every war and conflict we’re currently engaged in, pulling troops out of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and more. We should all be tired of the senseless death and endless rat race that obviously has no effect other than eroding our global trust and racking up cash for warmongers. Trump was correct in calling victory while he could, and ending a conflict that he didn’t start, but had every right to end. Morally and ethically the U.S. has a lot of rebuilding to do when it comes to foreign affairs, but this is a good step in the right direction, don’t let anyone say otherwise. War is a blight on the human condition, and it’s time we end it on our own terms.

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