UT Young Conservatives Harassed By Student Body For Defending Judge Kavanaugh

On Tuesday, UT’s Young Conservatives of Texas held a public demonstration, holding signs pictured above that defended SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Despite the important detail that Kavanaugh in fact hasn’t been linked to any of the negative sexual behavior that he’s being accused of, many UT students obviously didn’t feel that way. The YCT members found themselves being harassed by scores of students, as people shouted expletives and attempted to threaten and attack the sign holders. Attempts at debate failed horribly, and even worse, the YCT members were assaulted, with a particular student, shown in the video below, grabbed the signs away from them and tore them up while screaming violently.

Check it out:

Further, UT students have threatened violence both if the Young Conservatives take further action defending Kavanaugh, or if there is any action taken against the counter protesters. Here’s a tweet in regards to the person in the infamous sign tearing video: UT Tweet Kavanaugh

A massive takeaway from this was illuminated in the full footage of the counter protest, where a female student shouted, “UT is a liberal school, what are you people even doing here? We don’t want you here, you shouldn’t be here, we’re educated, and you aren’t. Just leave.” There’s a climate culture on almost every major university that intelligence is somehow linked to being liberal, and that being liberal is linked to being awoken to the truth that’s out there. Several students arguing with the YCT members kept saying that defending Kavanaugh shows that they were “blind to the truth” and could only see what “they” want you believe. This makes sense as every article accusing Kavanaugh uses nothing but conspiratorial and emotionally charged language, leaving no room for any thought but the “woke truth” that only brave journalists like Anderson Cooper are able to share.

More than anything, I’m disappointed in my campus. In the area near where these protests were happening, two quotes are embedded into the main campus building. “Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free”, and our core mission, “To change lives for the benefit of society”. Read these quotes over, and then watch the footage from the protests, and tell me our university systems haven’t fallen far from their original glory. What used to be a source of pride in our nation is now only responsible for generating absurd clips to laugh and feel shame at, as the students in the videos go on to ruin our systems in place. Yesterday was not a good day for the University of Texas.

Read more about the event here: https://www.dailytexanonline.com/2018/10/03/crowd-forms-as-yct-rallies-in-support-of-supreme-court-justice-nominee-brett-kavanaugh

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4 thoughts on “UT Young Conservatives Harassed By Student Body For Defending Judge Kavanaugh

  1. What sort of wussies are these guys to let their property being destroyed. Finally at the tail end someone jerks his sign away. If this is not staged then all these spineless people should slit their wrists. At least the fake blonde was standing for something, puerile as it might be.


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