Overburdened: News Recap 10/21/17

As I’ve done in the past, when there’s too many tasty stories in one day that I want to cover, instead of choosing just one, I’ll do a little reflection on each. Today was big both globally and nationally, in both politics and sports, so I figured I’d cover all the ones that stood out […]

An Interesting Analysis of Twitter

Today I read multiple articles from mainstream outlets criticizing Trump after he Tweeted about the increased crime rate in the UK, and how he believes it’s related to massive influx of Islamic migrants moving there. While the politically correct outlets rushed to hide this story and point out fallacy ridden reasons why Trump was wrong, […]

Why Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Show Failed

In reason number 500,000 today of why Trump is going to be reelected come 2020, Chelsea Handler announced that she won’t be continuing her self-titled Netflix series, and instead will be pursuing political activism. This announcement upset many, as it implies that Handler’s content and career already hasn’t been centered around political activism. Like many […]

Netflix Dumps Billions Into Developing Original Content: What This Means for the Future of Streaming

In what may otherwise seem like a mundane story today, Netflix announced that it would be putting $8 billion into making original content for its platform, showcasing where the future of digital streaming is headed. If you haven’t been paying attention, every major production company has been catching on to Netflix and Hulu’s success as […]