It’s Time to Stop Justifying Evil

A worrying trend that’s been popping up since the events in Charlottesville is how quickly everyone has been to justify the actions of hate groups and terrorists in order to condemn White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. I’ve seen scores of celebrities and political figures say that immigration, radical Islam, and Antifa are somehow non-issues, and that […]

Digital Manhunts: No One is Safe in the Digital Age

Something that worried me as I scrolled through social media today was how many witch hunts there were online to discover the true identities of the “White Nationalists” who attended the botched protests in Charlottesville yesterday. I saw random friends from school posting articles and pictures identifying people who had attended the protest, urging employers […]

Democrats Need to Realign, Or Else They Will Lose Every Election In 2018 and On

After mulling over the strange events that have happened these past couple weeks, I realized something rather unfortunate. Despite every big face in alternative media, despite key figures in conservative politics, despite the warning signs coming from Europe, despite half of the country shouting it in their faces last November, the Democratic party still doesn’t […]