How J.K. Rowling Showed Our Society Has a Lying Problem

Just yesterday, J.K. Rowling, arguably the most popular living author, made it a point to slander the President of the United States based off a tweet she saw on her timeline. Without taking just two seconds to verify that what she was sharing was indeed true, Rowling posted to her millions of followers that President … Continue reading How J.K. Rowling Showed Our Society Has a Lying Problem

Dangers of Pragmatism: Trouble in Trump’s White House

There has been a lot going on inside the Trump White House these past few days, and it’s not easy to put a finger on what exactly is the cause for all the tension. Between Trump publicly backstabbing AG Sessions, Scaramucci’s witch hunt for leakers, and the triangle of tension Scaramucci, Priebus, and Bannon, there’s … Continue reading Dangers of Pragmatism: Trouble in Trump’s White House

Pride Parade Shows Their True Colors, Bans Jewish Flags

Today in Chicago, several Jewish members of the LGBTQAI+ community were told that they weren’t allowed to fly their Star of David flags at the “Dyke March”. The “Dyke March” is a variant of the typical Chicago Pride Parade, claiming to place a larger emphasis on social justice and being more inclusive. Ironically this is their reasoning for banning the Star of David from their event, as in their mind it is a hateful symbol. When questioned how the symbol of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel was hateful, the organizers of the “Dyke March” claimed that they were “anti-Zionist” and “Pro-Palestine”.

Why You Need to Stop Worshipping Hacks Like Johnny Depp

When musicians, actors, directors, and writers all echo the same constant violent rhetoric, it makes you stop and wonder why they made these statements to begin with. Sure, Madonna could have just been venting  when she said she wants to blow up the White House, but what if just one of her fans didn’t think she was joking? What if that one person also loved the Avengers, and watched its director, Joss Whedon, gather all of his favorite superhero actors in one video that called the current president a crook, a villain, and a liar? What if that one person also follows Rachel Maddow on Twitter, and sees her day after day accuse the president of hacking the election with Russia?

How Trump’s Speech in Iowa Provided a Much Needed Morale Boost

To provide contrast to what I’m about to write, here’s an hilariously dire article from the (failing) Times:   President Trump finally took a much needed break from what he humorously called the “Washington Swamp” to deliver a “Make America Great Again” speech that would serve as a recap on what he’s done so … Continue reading How Trump’s Speech in Iowa Provided a Much Needed Morale Boost

What Otto Warmbier’s Death Shows Us About North Korea

To keep it concise, the North Korean people are living in a complete nightmare of a nation. The North Korean government was only allowed to exist in order to help prop of communism in that region, and was part of the Soviet’s Cold War with the U.S. back in the mid-20th century. It was cute for the Soviet’s to parade around the Kim family and point out how well the nation was doing, despite all of their resources coming from the Soviet’s. They were literally a show pony, being trotted around in defense of the evil ideology of communism.

How Reactions to #FreeLaura Show the Split in Approach on the Right

People are inherently tribal, and will always want to take a side, and last night was no different. I agree with the rationality of Laura and her supporters. Rep. Scalise is still in the hospital after getting shot in a targeted attack from a Bernie supporter just days ago. Public figures like Ann Coulter, Lauren Southern, and Milo Yiannopoulos literally have riots and violence incited against them when they want to speak at public events. Our own Vice President was publicly chastised when he went to a production of Hamilton in New York. If the left wants to handle the political game like this, why doesn’t the right get to return the favor?

How New Media Pioneers Alex Jones and Dave Rubin Stood Against Fake News Today

For a long time now the keepers of old media have been trying their best to sink their already failing businesses even further into the depths of irrelevance. Publications like the New York Times and Washington Post put out false headline after false headline, and misreport so often I immediately scroll to the bottom of every article to read the corrections. The personalities of failing network news like CNN and Fox have had one career killing scandal after another. Its to the point where our president can yell, “FAKE NEWS” at a reporter, and most of America laughs and agrees with him.