Why Conservatives Are Upset Over Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

This Monday, President Trump announced that he would be nominating DC Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s newly vacant seat. The American Left has decided to continue their nonsensical opposition to any decision the President makes, which put any Trump nomination in the media crosshairs. This inevitability led many … Continue reading Why Conservatives Are Upset Over Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

How Reactions to #FreeLaura Show the Split in Approach on the Right

People are inherently tribal, and will always want to take a side, and last night was no different. I agree with the rationality of Laura and her supporters. Rep. Scalise is still in the hospital after getting shot in a targeted attack from a Bernie supporter just days ago. Public figures like Ann Coulter, Lauren Southern, and Milo Yiannopoulos literally have riots and violence incited against them when they want to speak at public events. Our own Vice President was publicly chastised when he went to a production of Hamilton in New York. If the left wants to handle the political game like this, why doesn’t the right get to return the favor?