Current Radio/Television/Film Major at a Texas University – Class of 2019

My main career goal is to make creative content. I adore writing and producing, which means I typically see projects from conception to distribution.

Radical Centrist

Logo made in illustrator

I am incredibly politically minded, which is to be expected since I attend a major university. Most of my blogs have to do with current political events and I both report on them and inject my opinion on the matter.

In terms of political affiliation I’ve decided to take up the banner of the Radical Center. I hold both conservative and liberal ideals, and I hate that I have to choose between the two major political parties in the U.S. to represent me. Now more than ever is time for a sane and rational third party to rise, appropriating the best opinions and discarding the useless, outdated, or offensive ones. I’ll be writing about the Radical Center a lot in the future and urge people who might agree with me to look into it.

Here’s a link to all my writings on the matter: Radical Centrism

Aspiring writer, thus the blog

This blog will double as both a venting mechanism for all of my random political, film, and other miscellaneous thoughts and ideas, as well as being a promotional tool for my future film and novel work. So if you’re interested in any of my work, feel free to follow my other content, because who knows, you might like it!

My goal is to post a blog every day this summer, and so far I’ve achieved that goal. Come fall though I might loosen up to posting twice a week, but that will be decided as I get closer to that date. I feel like the blog makes me stretch my writing muscle, and will double as a training mechanism and a resume tool.