Farewell 2018, Hello 2019

2018 was an incredibly successful year for both Bermansplaining, and for me as a writer. I would’ve never thought at the beginning of the year that an article on this site would be read by tens of thousands of people, and little did I think that the content I started writing at the higher education watchdog The College Fix would be linked on sites like Breitbart, The Daily Wire, and Instapundit, quoted by sites like theBlaze, and that I’d be breaking stories before Reason and Fox News. For this, I’m so grateful, and I can’t wait to continue writing on both this platform, and hopefully others in the coming year.

This success is double edged however. My most popular articles and reports have all been on absolutely insane behavior coming out of our universities, including violence, corruption, and oppression. From schools using corrupt policies to prevent conservative speakers from coming to campus, to outright violence from Antifa and left wing students, there’s a clear message as I break story after story: This isn’t getting better.

Sure, there have been some great developments, from several lawsuits being launched against corrupt universities like UT, corruption being exposed, and a rise in students willing to fight for free speech and liberty. Alternatively, it’s become utterly clear that a majority of students have been thoroughly brainwashed by Marxism, radicalized by left-wing activists, and polarized to such a severe point that we can see it wearing off on our society. The entertainment industry is in shambles, big tech is tightening its grip on our minds and souls, and critical theory and identity politics dominate our daily conversations.

None of this is going to change until the main issue is addressed. Universities in their current form cannot continue to exist. The strain created by this dichotomy in our very culture will only get worse unless something happens, and that doesn’t just mean suing for speech rights and tabling twice a semester. Worse, there isn’t a concerted and united effort against the universities and the people who have hijacked them. Huge groups like Turning Point don’t allow their members to interact with InfoWars. Conservatives often segregate themselves from Libertarians and other liberty minded people claiming some faux political superiority. College alumni and adults who never went balk at how ridiculous the system has become, but do nothing to complain to their state officials or stand up to the system in our everyday lives.

I honestly love the work of Ayn Rand, but something always disturbed me about the endings to her vampire novels. In them, the resolution always involved the red-pilled individualist heroes escaping the shackles of society and collectivism, only to flee society altogether and live a life in isolation. While in the dystopian futures of Anthem and the like, the world may well have decayed so far that escape and isolation is the only solution, but in our reality, we still have a chance. 2018 was a year of many victories, but overall the cultural war hasn’t budged an inch. For things to change, we all have to be better, work together, and stand up to what is truly decaying us from within. Let 2019 be the year we all do something, no matter how big or small, to advance liberty, freedom, and push back those who want to destroy what makes us all so great.

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