The College Fix Reports

Ethan Berman writes for The College Fix, check out his pieces below:

Texas fraternities fortify and rebrand as administrators and activists threaten them:

Joe Biden compares women who report sexual assault to war veterans:

‘F*** Chuck’: Students drown out debate between conservative activist and his critics:

Sexuality course ditches men and women for ‘people with penises’ and ‘people with vaginas’:

Student diversity officials promise impeachment of VP who wrote ‘illegal aliens’:

Student diversity officials call off impeachment for ‘illegal aliens’ remark to avoid lawsuit:

College students significantly less depressed, lonely when they limit social media: study:

Progressive students resist urge to disrupt conservative protest against in-state tuition for illegals:

Stanford tells College Republicans they can’t use donor to pay $19,000 security fee for D’Souza event:

Public university removes white instructor for telling students to ‘be respectful in class’:

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