UT Students Scream at Sky in “Hear us Roar” Early Voting Event


Students and professors at UT Austin kicked off the beginning of early voting in the city with an event titled “Hear Us Roar: Primal Scream and Early Vote Event”. A small group gathered at noon in front of PCL, UT’s most popular library and a newly assigned voting center, and attempted to get bystanders to join them in their insanity. After it was clear that nobody outside of their initial group would join in, they tilted their heads back and shouted for a lengthy duration into the sky, startling passing students and professors alike. Watch the video below:

UT’s campus has long been overtaken by black and white BETO signs that litter most of Austin, but in recent weeks more and more Democratic ads have popped up. It’s worth noting that UT has aggressively been getting students to register to vote, creating initiatives that allow organizations to take up class time in order for volunteers to get students to register. There has also been word of student government creating a resolution that would allow professors to cancel class on election day so students aren’t penalized for participating in their civic duty. Is this a noble attempt at civic engagement, or yet another desperate attempt to swing Texas Blue? Watch the video again and you decide.

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