What to Take Away From Lindsey Graham’s Eruption at the Kavanaugh Hearing


Shocking almost everybody today, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) delivered a rather rousing speech on Thursday in defense of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. A long time RINO, many conservatives and libertarians had written off Graham as yet another moderate too concerned with keeping power to actually make any meaningful change to our political system.

To great surprise, Graham erupted at the hearing, making many amazing points, my favorite of which is quoted below. Graham’s speech earned him plenty of right wing admirers today, many of which joked that he was free to speak his mind now that RINO leader McCain is no longer with us. What probably spurred this response though is something much more obvious: The horrible mistreatment of Kavanaugh was what finally woke the moderates in Congress up.

The banning of Alex Jones, digital censorship, DNC rigging, and all the other horrible actions of the Democrats have all gone unnoticed by our representatives for various reasons. Moderates like Marco Rubio even had the audacity to ignore Alex Jones when confronted directly at the Capital. Things changed however when one of these moderates own, Kavanaugh, is treated no differently than Jones or Trump. Maybe these hearings, as nasty as they are, will finally ignite our representatives to actually listen to the American people and fight against the corruption in our political system, including replacing Jeff Sessions and locking up the war criminals who still walk free in our country. This might be wishful thinking, but watch Graham’s speech blow and still tell me you aren’t inspired.

One thought on “What to Take Away From Lindsey Graham’s Eruption at the Kavanaugh Hearing

  1. One can hope. The left will just keep going further, sinking farther, and pushing until they’re forced to stop and step back, and it will take force of some sort, followed by punitive reprisals that actually hurt them and those that they claim to care about.


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