WATCH: Alex Jones Delivers Speech at #FREEALEXJONES Rally in Austin, TX


On Saturday, Patriot Prayer held a #FreeAlexJones Rally in Austin, TX. Plenty of great speakers came and talked about the dangers of censorship, and big tech and government colluding to silence any thought that counters the mainstream narrative. Americans from all over the country from all backgrounds came to listen to and march with Patriot Prayer. After the march, Alex Jones made a surprise appearance, and warned about the upcoming fight that free speech advocates are going to have to endure.

Listen to Alex’s speech below, and be sure to follow Patriot Prayer, InfoWars, Owen Shroyer, Alex Jones, and other free speech figures on any platform they still exist on. Despite the mainstream narrative that resistance is futile, the fight for liberty is far from over. As Alex says:

“The Answer to 1984 is 1776!”

Watch below for Alex’s speech, and be sure to share far and wide. InfoWars might be censored, but we aren’t. Subscribe to the site for more footage from the event, and more content coming soon!


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