Future of Bermansplaining: Video Content, Podcasts, Interviews, and More?


These past two weeks I’ve been using any free time I’ve had to edit together a video I took at an InfoWars rally in Austin, TX. I’ll leave the content of the video as a surprise, but be sure to look for the video on my Facebook and my YouTube, both of which are linked at the top right of this page (and you should totally subscribe to). As the sole content creator for this site, I enjoy having complete creative control over all the words and content that gets posted on this page. Over this past year, I’ve enjoyed writing articles, creating quizzes, and even responding to some reader’s comments.

Going forward, especially after seeing what kind of video I could shoot with literally myself and a fellow Austin filmmaker, I would definitely like to pursue more video content. In addition, I’ve done many a podcast in my past, and I would love to provide my thoughts in either audio or video form on this site, although the exact nature of this podcast would be something I have to wrap my mind around. I would love to pursue an interview series, in which I either sit down or Skype with political and social figures, and pick their minds about topics. In addition, I would love to create more interactive quizzes, much like the anarchist placement quiz which to this date has received thousands of views, and I’d love to create something as sticky and interesting as that again.

This all being said, I mainly wanted to both share my thought process for the future of this site with my readers, as well as promote my new video. If you all could vote in this poll, as well as give feedback on what future content you would want in the comments. I can practically create anything, but the major factor is my time, which of course is limited. I would love to be able to know what to focus my time into, but would still love to challenge myself as a writer, producer, and host. Please recommend quizzes, podcast topics, and even better, guests I could invite to speak and interview with (if you personally know somebody that could come on, be sure to have them email bermansplaining@gmail.com. I hope you all enjoy Sunday’s video, and please give feedback, because there will be plenty more of where that came from!


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