How the Time Magazine Immigration Cover is a Perfect Example of Fake News

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Time Magazine decided to put out a cover depicting, to them at least, the epitomization of President Trump’s Zero Tolerance immigration policy. On it, a picture of a crying toddler is cropped out of its original context, and is instead looking up at a looming (if not playful) Trump, with the text, “Welcome to America” annoyingly splayed to the side.

A Thousand Words

What’s rather astounding about this cover is that the picture of the toddler that Time used is from a Getty photographer, who knew nothing of the context going on when he snapped the photo. The photo was uploaded to the Getty site with a rather ambiguous description that indicated that the fate of the young girl, who is seen screaming or crying, could not be determined. Instead of using any of the other various photographs from the alleged thousands of children that are being separated from their families at the U.S./Mexico border, almost all publications, including Time, chose this photo of the young girl in pink to push their story.

In the ensuing days, multiple fundraisers, social media posts, and activist campaigns have used the Time cover or at least the photograph of this young girl to advocate against family separation, with this anonymous girl becoming a cultural icon for the fact devoid left. This bubble was suddenly burst this Friday though, when it was revealed that the little girl in this picture actually was not separated from her family at all. Despite becoming the literal poster child for a movement, this young girl was detained with her mother for attempting to illegally cross the U.S. border, but the fact that she wasn’t separated definitely seems to have taken some winds out of the sails for what many deem a powerful photograph.

Feelings Over Facts

What is most compelling about this story isn’t why so many people fell for this photograph, and the story surrounding it. The American Left has a history of being emotionally overwhelmed by pictures of children suffering, whether the subjects are struggling children in war-torn Syria, or illegal immigrant children being smuggled over the border by their conniving families. It has become rather obvious at this point that a powerful enough piece of propaganda can convince swaths of empathetic people that we should either drop a bomb or give our full support to a country or group of people, determined of course by the media elite at large.

While media trickery is no new game, what did surprise me is that the editor for Time doubled down on their controversial cover, dodging the reality that the photo does not represent a family being separated at all, and claiming that Trump’s executive order and mere enforcement of the law were morally evil policies which need to be resisted against. It might be too much to point out that Time has failed as a company so often that all of its properties have been divided up and bought out by conglomerations over the years, with any credibility for the publication’s name falling far to the wayside. That being said, it always hurts a little every time a media executive doubles down on deciding that the role of journalists is to push propaganda and sway the public, instead of reporting facts and pushing people to think for themselves.

Scholars keep telling us we live in a fact free society now, yet these same intellectuals subscribe to and support the very publications that have caused this very problem. Unlike what any backwards college professor says, there is such thing as objective truth, and as a society we need a basis of facts and truth to communicate. There’s something to be said about how many millions of Americans donated their hard earned money to this immigration issue, purely because they were lied to by the media in order to believe it was a bigger issue that it actually is. Quite frankly, it’s disgusting that these media types can publicly admit that they lied to the American people for clicks, in order to generate empathy around an issue they’re incorrect about in the first place. At a certain point it becomes impossible to even justify debating these frauds, and it only makes it funnier when the media later complains about the President and his staff referring to publications as “fake news”. By definition, the publications like Times, MSNBC, and CNN have devolved completely into propaganda and emotional pandering, and I think we’re long overdue for a media revolution, where journalists feet are held to the fire. The second advertisers realize their dollars are better spent on services that actually serve the people, and that most audiences have already migrated to alternative media platforms, we’ll all be the better for it. I really hope these faux journalists think their acts of social pandering are worth it, because their time is running out.


Are you tired of Fake News? Let me know in the comments below!

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