Globalism in Decline: US Pulls Out of UN Human Rights Council

In amazing news for sensible Americans, the U.S. threatened, then actually withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council. An obvious assortment of reasons were stated for this decision, but the timing has lined up with worldwide media criticism of how the U.S. has been handling it’s enforcement of immigration policy. Of course this allowed many dissidents to paint Trump and his administration as even more of an isolationist dictatorship, while those who haven’t bought into the hypocrisy of globalism lauded the decision as a step in the right direction for America. Like many foreign policy moves that President Trump has made so far, the decision was not only telegraphed far in advance, but there’s actually a lot of justification for it.

Virtue in Name Only

Anyone thinking that the Human Rights Council is some sort of long standing and virtuous league of outstanding nations would be sorely mistaken, although the title and the way the media are losing their minds about the decision to withdraw definitely creates an easily mistakable situation. To be clear, the Human Rights Council has only existed since being founded in 2006, and currently consists of nations such as China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. For those unaware, a simple search through these three nation’s activity in the past five years alone practically defines the exact opposite of “human rights”. The United States didn’t join this council until 2009 either, under former President Obama, and the original Human Rights Council was dissolved after containing too many nations that constantly failed to observe human rights themselves. The nations that are part of the council serve terms, representing their geographic region for a certain period, and their main power lies in shaming innocent or insignificant nations for incorrect reasons, while remaining eerily (if not predictably) silent when actually powerful nations such as Russia exert their power to slaughter hundreds and thousands of human beings.

Globalism On the Ropes

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that the Human Rights Council is currently led by Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, a Jordanian diplomat and first in-line for the Iraqi monarchy. This, on top of general worldwide anti-Semitism, has been a major factor in Israel’s horrible mistreatment on the world stage. Constant disdain for their attempts at securing their borders and protecting their people from absolute destruction has only been met with worldwide disapproval, which of course is made all the more irking by the UN’s bureaucracy. Not only is the Human Rights Council mistaken in believing the Pro-Palestinian/Pan-Arabian side of the argument involving Israel, but all of the declarations and decisions they have signed ultimately have no weight. Time after time the council has turned a blind eye to the absolute barbarism taking place in the Middle East, Russia, and even parts of Europe now, yet they have no issue teaming up to bully Israel, with nothing more than weightless condemnations. The council is truly pathetic, and every news chyron has noted that Israel’s mistreatment by the UN is a leading reason in Haley and Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out.

Looking past those surface reasons though, it was inevitable that our involvement with the UN would start to come to a close. Whatever your stance on President Trump, it is undeniable that he is a nationalist, proud of America and who wants the best for her on the global stage. Even more undeniable, is that between our Ambassador Nikki Haley, and the newly appointed Secretaries John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, almost all of the important figures around the President now are well versed on global affairs, yet resentful of most other nations. While not isolationist, like many Paleo-Cons and Libertarians would like, these figures working with Trump are prone to put America first in every regard, and have no qualms quitting the global game should the rules not be fair. We saw this play out with ending the Iran Deal, we’ve seen this in pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, and we’ll continue to see this as long as other nations collectively expect to rest on the success and value that America provides to the world. Taking a cursory glance at our closest historical allies, one has to shudder at the horrid state of affairs around the world, where mass amounts of migration, cultural conflict, and censorship of expression plague the citizenry. While many might criticize Trump’s administration for their foreign policy decisions, there’s no decision left but to question the media and frankly the world at large, for knocking the U.S. and Israel for merely securing their people, their borders, all in the name of preserving human rights and liberties, that quite frankly, none of the other nations belonging to the council can even pretend to uphold within their own borders.  The time for hypocrisy to end is long overdue, and the bureaucratic castles built on loose foundations is bound to crumble at any time now.

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