Proof That Anti-Semitism is Active in America and Abroad in 2017

Image result for balfour declaration

I don’t understand how society still allows blatant anti-Semitism to this day, as long as it’s coded as being anti-Israel or anti-Zionist. Today was the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the initial British Mandate that allowed a Jewish state to exist in the region we know today. Since then, the borders have shifted and moved after multiple wars, expansions, and conflicts, and to this day there exists Israel, a modern, Western, incredibly successful, diverse, and innovative nation comprised of Jews and Arabs peacefully cohabiting, and the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank. To compare the regions is night and day, and to say that the Jewish people don’t have the right to exist in their homeland is to deny archaeological, religious, historical, ethical, and logical claims, and every claim I’ve heard in support of a Palestinian state ignores the fact that to acknowledge the state of Palestine would support the anti-Semitic and pro-terror groups of Hamas, Hezbollah, and ultimately, Iran.

Just read this article from the New York Times, misunderstanding the entire situation in Israel and essentially misreporting history in favor of a pro-Palestinian agenda: 

I hope for the day that the media stops promoting anti-Semitism and starts addressing the facts surrounding Israel. If people hate Israel so much, they better be prepared to stop using USB’s, instant messaging, bandages, drip irrigation, Waze, playing Guess Who?, and eating cherry tomatoes. The amount of innovation that Israeli’s pump out, and the amount of social progress they contribute to a region that is so lacking is truly astonishing. No other nation in the region has taken in Syrian refugees, yet Israel has thousands in their hospitals that are currently being treated and housed with full sympathy, despite Assad and most Arabs desiring the destruction of the Jewish people. I find Israel’s treatment by the world to truly be one of the greatest tragedies, and on days like today remind of this sad fact. I urge readers to educate themselves on the facts around Israel, and to spread them to friends and family to help stop all the misinformation. We can only end anti-Semitism together, and it starts within our own communities.

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