Response to a Reader: Why is the Affordable Care Act Considered a Failure?


Today I wanted to try out a new sort of blog, one where I respond to a comment left by a reader who disagrees with an opinion I have laid out on a blog. The catalyst for this decision was after I spent a solid 15 minutes writing out a reply to a valid question left by a reader on one of my blogs about health care in the U.S. After realizing how in depth I went with my response, I figured the content was enough to justify its own blog, and from now on, if I see a reader leave a well thought out comment, I might make that day’s blog the response (assuming something big doesn’t also happen). I hope you guys enjoy this new type of blog, it won’t be a frequent style, but I’m interested in trying it out.

Reader’s Comment

Left by Olga Nix on Party Lines Aside, We Need to Fix Health Care Now:

“Can you explain why do you think ACA was such a great disaster? I can’t say i’m extremely happy with it, but I don’t see what is so wrong with not being denied health coverage (or having to pay more) based on a preexisting condition? I am a healthy 35 y. o. woman, and now expecting a second child. I don’t think that i should pay more just based on whether or not i’m a woman of birthing age. I should have a right to get an insurance that covers my monthly birth control ($10), abortion (when necessary) or childbearing without paying an arm and a leg. Since when is being a woman become a preexisting condition?
All that aside, you should realize that the only way of fixing health care is to control what healthcare providers charge individuals for their services. Why should a visit to an ER (3 hours of waiting with a 2y.o. and 1 (one) staple later) cost $3500? Why should a 45 minute outpatient procedure (gallbladder removal) cost $35,000, when a surgeon charged $700???? If it was affordable, the insurance company wouldn’t be so hell bent on changing us such high premiums.
Why should certain medications and procedures cost your monthly salary? Why isn’t anyone looks at a root cause of this issue, but are fighting over who’s plan is better?”

My Reply

“I appreciate your comment, and you raise a valid point, but I feel as if you’ve missed the correct solution. I explained why the ACA is a disaster in another one of my blogs, but I’ll explain myself here.

I totally agree with you, insurance companies are the ones to blame for the current state of health care in this nation, and it is totally unfair and borderline criminal for families to go bankrupt trying to pay for simple operations. Just like the American higher education system, prices have continued to skyrocket over the years, and personal wages haven’t increased to match. At the same time, demand for these services have only increased. This problem isn’t caused by the free market system, in fact its the opposite. In a real free market, costs of essential services would adjust themselves to meet the demands of the consumer, who at the end of the day are human beings with wants and desires. Business is inherently “win-win”. A doctor or a professor is a skilled person, whose profession enables them to benefit people. It’s only practical that they would charge for their services, but no doctor or professor would think to charge the life-ruining rates that modern systems entail.

What makes the current American climate so “dog eat dog, win-lose” is corporate culture. On top of every element of our society, whether it’s food, sports, entertainment, health care, etc. is a ruling elite of corporations. These corporations are only allowed to exist because of government protections, and it allows a few evil people to hold secret monopolies over entire industries and grow stupid rich without concerns of repercussion. Should a business go under because the CEO’s lined their pockets while paying employees peanuts, the CEO can walk away totally free as the corporation can act as a legal shield, a hollow facade with unfair tax rates and feudalistic undertones, that will take the blame for a few rotten individuals. What we see wrong with the health care system is because of this corporate culture. Insurance companies charge totally unfair and ridiculous rates for simple procedures, and deny thousands of Americans (living, breathing humans with the right to life and liberty) the basic health care they require to go on living. Ask any doctor and they are unhappy with the system, but they are powerless.

Corporations then, as you can obviously see as you pointed out in your reply, are the root cause of the issue. What the ACA does is allow these corporations to continue to extort Americans with ridiculous rates, but now they are allowed to violently dig into the pockets of every single tax paying American and pay the mob-style collection fee to these companies. In this instance, just as it would be if the government chose to create a “free college” system, large corporations would still continue to charge unfair and ever-growing rates that would be unacceptable any other way. You listed in your reply the rates of simple emergency room procedures, yet you also imply that government control of rates is the only solution to this. While I understand your heart is in the right place, you have to understand that government controlled rates would make the situation worse, as you would trade corporations enacting incredibly large fees and premiums, for the universally hated government being in charge of said rates.

You ask why the ACA is such a disaster, yet you answered your question in your reply. The government has tricked people into continuing to pay for overpriced and lower quality insurance, by hiding the real costs behind tax dollars and by forcing all of the working population to pay into the Ponzi scheme. You say that you’re willing to pay into ACA to ensure people don’t get denied insurance, but in a free market (some services already exist elsewhere) communal groups always pop up, where members can join in and pay equal and fair rates, promising lower income members of the community can receive the same coverage of those who are better off. I lived in England for several years, and while there, I’d hear constant stories of people having to bury relatives who, had they lived in a nation with a free market health care system, could pay for expedient services to take care of critical conditions, but as they were forced into national coverage, they were forced to pay unfair rates for service they didn’t have the time to receive.

To sum up, the ACA is a sign that the government has no interest in actually ensuring the wellbeing of its people. If Obama’s administration actually cared, they would have attacked Big Pharma and health insurance companies over how much they charged citizens, instead of forcing everybody through legislation to pay up to these very systems. Attaching rules, like forcing citizens to only use the providers within their state only reinforces the evil nature of the legislation. It makes sense when you realize how many lobbyists are in Washington whose only job is to convince legislators to protect the corporate machine that health care has become. The point of this very blog you commented on was to point out that both parties have been corrupted by the siren call of lobbyist influence cash, and that as a nation we need to fight for equal, fair, and affordable coverage, and just because the Affordable Care Act has it in the name, doesn’t mean it’s true, in fact it’s anything but. Only a fair, free, and corporation devoid market can truly provide what we all desire, and unfortunately, no administration seems to agree, possibly because of the long tendrils of corporate influence.

(p.s. congrats on your second child! )

Final Thoughts

I find it very important in the modern political climate to discuss and hash out ideas. I write my daily blog to ensure that there is always a factually minded and fairly thought out opinion on important political matters that exists on the internet. I’ve been happy with the comments I have gotten from my blog, as the discussion has always been cordial and far from the shouting and reductive language we see in other areas of the internet. I hope that this kind of blog acts as a spotlight on ideas counter to mine that I find worth rebutting, and never as a form of shaming. I also feel as if it helps turn the blog into a bit more of a discussion, or if anything, it acts as a way to further explain events or ideas. My only request is that if you leave a comment on a blog of mine, you treat this space with as much respect as I would give you.

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