Why Don’t Democrats Support Freedom of Speech?

UC Berkely - November 20, 1964 vs Today

Ever since the drama in Charlottesville occurred, we’ve seen a harsh media shift from concerns of Russian hacking and data leaking, to coverage of a full blown culture war where nobody is safe, even the dead. As President Trump brought up in one of his many press conferences lately, every single person is being examined under the toughest microscope these days, where no matter how much good is done, the smallest decisions, beliefs, and statements can ruin their reputation and retroactively destroy their legacy. Even worse, just look at statements made by media supported hate groups like BLM or Antifa, and you’ll see them calling for amending or destroying the first amendment, claiming that Freedom of Speech is somehow a dangerous force and that just because somebody’s feelings can be hurt through statements, everybody’s speech should be sacrificed. At the same time, Democrats have been spewing some of the most violent hate speech publicly, and they somehow manage to get away with it because of party allegiance. This trend would be less worrying if younger generations were educated in the laws that govern us, but what we’ve seen time and time again is that younger generations are angrier, less educated, and more obsessed with toppling current systems than older ones, making the future of free speech worrying.

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Just recently, Democratic Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal publicly stated that she hoped that President Trump would be assassinated. Not that he was wrong about his statements on Charlottesville, not that she was upset at his policies and wanted him to reverse them, not even that he should be impeached. Instead, the senator called for the President’s violent death, which is not only a disgraceful act but a legitimate threat. We already saw the effects of this violent rhetoric earlier this Summer in Virginia, where a domestic terrorist attempted to murder every Republican politician that was playing at a bipartisan softball event. Of course, liberal media refused to fairly cover this story, just as they refused to cover BLM’s destruction of cities and the mass amounts of terror attacks committed by ISIS and other radical Muslims. Of course, many people spoke out against the Missouri senator, and called for her resignation, and although she refused to resign she did put out a half-hearted statement of apology earlier today. It doesn’t need to be stated how career-ruining a statement half as bad as this would have been for a Republican Senator, but what worries me most about the situation isn’t the statement itself, but the hypocrisy of those who make similar statements and defend them.

For the past several years, the American Left has been fighting to censor free speech, and has often made the case that words have harmful properties. We’ve seen this in the coddling of college students, and the construction of safe spaces, and the emphasis placed on what people have said (even out of context), over what their actions represent and what the whole figure actually is. We see this the worst in the realm of politics and film, where conservative figures like Adam Baldwin or Mitt Romney get unfairly hated for statements or views that although are true, offend some, while vile humans like Roman Polanski or Bill Clinton have actually raped women, yet their behavior gets excused by progressives. This sick double standard has plagued the left for years, and this sandcastle of lies has been used to build a platform that breeds hypocrites and sociopaths.

At the end of the day, Freedom of Speech exists for a very important reason. Unlike other Western nations, Americans have a Constitutional Right to say what they want without the fear of facing government punishment. As is always the case, free speech isn’t an excuse to be obnoxious or hateful, and if you call somebody a racial slur or some other offensive term in public, you are objectively a bad person and should be prepared to face repercussions for your statements. The entire town can decide to shun you, the free market can decide to ruin you, but at the end of the day, the government should have no say in how you choose to express yourself. I feel this is where most Libertarians fail to convince normal folk of the importance of ultimate free speech, because most people associate being able to say whatever you want with being equal to allowing klansmen and nazis to march on your streets, and truly that isn’t the case. The point of having free speech, or rather any right, is to clarify that all citizens have the express ability to commit an action or hold a belief without the government having the ability to punish them for it. As Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire always says, think of laws as things that allow a police officer to shoot you over if you disobey. While stealing property and committing acts of physical violence are obviously worthy of creating laws against, getting rid of the right to freely express yourself is a terrible and oppressive decision. We’ve seen already the negative effects of controlled speech in nations like England, where people who attempt to shed light on the massive amounts of sexual abuse and violent acid attacks that are being committed by Muslim migrants are constantly shut down and punished by law enforcement. The twisted world that folks from England live in isn’t far away for us if we continue to give in to the desires of hate groups like Antifa, who openly admit they hate systems such as capitalism, republicanism, and libertarianism.

At the end of the day, our Constitutional Rights are incredibly difficult to change, and as long as President Trump keeps his promises, he’ll continue to keep the Supreme Court filled with more conservative and Constitution friendly judges. That being said, it’s impossible to look at the upcoming generations and not be worried by how ready they are to embrace authoritarian power and to sacrifice liberties that their ancestors fought for, all in the name of diversity and false equality. Every time an event like Charlottesville happens where public officials and media outlets use a few extremists to justify the destruction of our rights, we sink further into the police states and authority driven societies that figures like Orwell and Huxley warned us of years ago. I can’t express enough how easily our liberties can slip away before our eyes, and how current progressives operate on a speed of exponential growth, destroying everything in their path, as quickly as they can. From now on, we cannot accept hypocrisy from either side of the political spectrum. Soldiers and citizens have fought and died to protect the rights that current immigrant college students adore to tear down, and we cannot allow this to continue. The time to take action is now, before the very things that make us American disappear right before our eyes.

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