Why Tearing Down Statues is a Slippery Slope We Should Be Avoiding

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The current battles, both verbal and physical, in this nation are occurring because of a long, unsettled history that was bound to catch up to us at any time. The fact of the matter is that the way the American Civil War was resolved was probably the worst way our nation could’ve handled it, and ever since Americans have been suffering culturally because of it. In the current landscape, I see two sides that are currently engaging in conflict.

On One Side…

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On one side of the extreme are more progressive minded people, who have been taught that things as meaningless as pronouns are grounds for assault, meaning that an item such as a Confederate statue is an active symbol of aggression and hatred. They want to see these statues removed immediately, going as far as to riot and destroy public property in order to destroy this affront to Civil Rights in their eyes. Allying with them from the center I think, is a solid half of the American public, who recognize that the Confederates were traitors, that slavery was wrong, and that maybe we shouldn’t be celebrating slaveholders in 2017. This is a fair, if not simple-minded approach to the matter, but it makes sense why so many fall in this camp. Most people aren’t running around like hooligans and tearing down statues, but they also aren’t going to publicly defend buildings and roads named after Confederate leader Robert E. Lee either.

And On The Other…

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On the other extremist side of the argument are the folk we saw marching in Charlottesville, angry and disgruntled White Nationalists (pronounced supremacists) who blame their perceived misfortunes on every other ethnic and national group other than their own. They see the tearing down of Confederate statues as an affront on their heritage, their pride, and their half of the nation. If you play mental gymnastics, you can understand their side of the argument, imagine if the way you spoke was associated with being less intelligent, the way you dressed and where you shopped was considered less reputable, and if the customs and culture you held so deeply was actively ridiculed by all popular media around the globe. Of course, the same can be said of any ethnic or racial group, including Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, Jews, etc., which again makes it easy to recognize why these groups are so easy to get organized, wound up, and set loose as hate mobs. Look to this day, and drug addiction rates are massive in the South, poverty is intense, and natural disasters constantly traumatize these lands. Imagine being a teenager in modern times growing up down South, and not fitting into the social group people are forcing you and your family into. Purely based off the color of your skin, you’re suddenly assumed to be privileged, problematic, and oppressive, yet because of your geographic location northern and western Whites consider you to be the racist, poor, unsavory ones in society. Its an ugly truth we have to face, and the thing that Trump does to “enable” these people is in reminding the rest of the nation that these folk exist. He held a mirror up to the entire political establishment, and everybody was left feeling disgusted seeing the destroyed remains of the American South, and instead of extending empathy and attempting to solve their ailments, they continue to chastise and destroy these people, offering them the ultimatum of denouncing their entire culture and way of living, or to be left behind in the ever evolving progressive narrative.

The Failed South

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That all being said, I have sympathy for the American South, but none of it extends to the nationalists/supremacists that use these negatives to create hate and domestic terror groups. Just as I sympathize for the entirety of the Arab world, and how its easy to see that the trauma of the past 30 years has bred the radical terror groups, epitomized in ISIS, I don’t stop and say, “Not all Muslims, I see where they’re coming from”. I condemn the acts of terror and implore members of the Arab community to not allow these angry, vile people to misrepresent their people so often. I use this same logic for the South, there are concerns that have a place to be expressed, but holding so fervently to old flags and a failed nation is not the way to achieve anything. At the end of the day, the founders of this nation created a union, meaning that while each state retained their own identity, we did have a federal government and a Constitution that gave us universal rights. If people had issues with the way things were, they were supposed to discuss it and defend their arguments, and if changes were desired they were to be put to votes that had to pass through existing systems. Just because one side didn’t get their way, doesn’t mean they had the right to quit the union, and every single person that joined that endeavor was genuinely a traitor. The men of the Confederacy picked up weapons and murdered their cousins, uncles, fathers, and brothers, all because of cultural and political disagreements. No matter what Marxists believe, morality is not relative, and there are certain things in this world that are objectively evil. While not every German citizen comprehended the actions they took in the Holocaust, they still committed incomprehensible evils, and were punished accordingly. No matter what way you slice it, slavery is an evil institution that should not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Anyone who tries to cite economic benefits is a fool, as its common knowledge that industrial revolutions cannot occur when slavery is present, as an economy based off of permanent labor is not compatible with an economy of innovation and invention (just look at the Roman Empire). No matter how deplorable Lincoln was in suspending rights, expanding federal government, and essentially playing tyrant in the name of progression, there was still no excuse for a Civil War, other than foolish pride and horrible foresight. Unlike the Nazi’s, who received the punishments they deserved for their crimes, the Confederates were able to return to the union as if nothing had ever happened, its leaders never being punished for the treasonous fools they were. Many members of the Confederacy went on to be presidents of universities or ran successful businesses and law practices. While government power was expanded drastically to end slavery, nothing was done to help ease the newly freed slaves into society, allowing the South to vent their aggression from losing on the poor souls who hadn’t fled North in the aftermath of the war. A culture of hate and resentment, idolizing traitors and the promise of another rebellion have permeated through the South ever since, adding a toxic lower layer through an otherwise amazing region. The real tragedy is that the lack of punishment of previous transgressors caused a domino effect of further hate and decay, leading to the generations of children we see today, feeling lost and angry, not understanding why they have these feelings, yet willing to fight for them to the end.

The Logical Center


Where I fall in all of this then, is in a weird and empty place in the center. I just described to you my negative views of the Confederacy, but if you’ve read my previous blogs you understand that the groups opposing the White Nationalists are just as evil and harmful. At the end of the day, you should not tear down these statues, as it does nothing but further the dark, ignorant energy permeating throughout American culture. Whether you belong to the North, South, West, or whatever, I feel as if no history class does an accurate job in teaching children the complexities of the situation. At the end of the day, what the Confederates did was wrong, but saying, “They seceded because of slavery, and they were all dumb and evil” is the cause of people donning black masks and punching innocent people. This oversimplification and ignoring of facts only leads people to blind hatred instead of nuanced critique. The same exists of Southerners who still call the Civil War the “War of Northern Agression” in some regions, and pretend as if slavery wasn’t the moral abomination that it was. This ignorance leads to the fools we saw marching in Charlottesville, and this is not acceptable now, or ever. To those who support tearing down statues, recognize that there are more Neo-Nazis in Germany than there are in the United States, which is ridiculous if you’re aware of the language policing that exists in Germany. Germans can be arrested for drawing swastikas, referencing Nazi iconography, or even making anti-Semitic remarks, and children don’t learn of the atrocities committed by their nation until they reach high school, and it is taught in a traumatic fashion. All this format has done is churn out generations of culturally impotent and ashamed adults, who either turn to open border globalism, or turn to darkness and embrace hateful ideologies like Neo-Nazism. This is the perfect example of what to avoid in our nation. Tearing down statues of Confederate generals because they owned slaves is ignorant and wrong. As the President pointed out, using that logic we then would have to eradicate all statues of our Founding Fathers, which would leave us no identity at all. Instead, Confederate statues have the right to remain as a reminder of how far we’ve come, and all of them should contain plaques of warning, pointing out how controlled language and thought policing can lead to brothers to commit violent acts upon one another. To tear down an artistic structure such as a statue infringes on freedom of expression, and is emblematic of cultural Marxists who want to overthrow everything to do with the current system. First they take down Confederate Statues, then they take down Founding Fathers, then they destroy paintings, books, films, music, until only the culture that they deem appropriate exists. Instead of being a robust oak, healed of some rot on it’s bark, we would instead be a hollow stump, devoid of any history, culture, and beauty. Do not fall for mistake of siding with either of the groups trying to outshout each other these days, as always, stand for truth and logic, and there you will find the moral path.

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