It’s Time to Stop Justifying Evil

A worrying trend that’s been popping up since the events in Charlottesville is how quickly everyone has been to justify the actions of hate groups and terrorists in order to condemn White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis. I’ve seen scores of celebrities and political figures say that immigration, radical Islam, and Antifa are somehow non-issues, and that the handful of politically impotent White Nationalists are the real threat to Americans. Seeing people post so often that Antifa and Islam are imaginary threats not only seems tone deaf, but also reaffirms to me that most people live in bulletproof echo chambers.

I genuinely don’t understand why people who have never personally encountered or even researched a subject feel they have authority to talk about how much a threat that subject presents. Prominent politicians scorn anybody who criticizes Islam and open immigration, yet they aren’t the ones living in these town that are getting torn apart. Acid attacks are through the roof, women are getting raped in record numbers, and the economies are suffering, yet pro-Brexit and UKIP supporters are somehow the problem. Black Lives Matter and Antifa tear apart towns, murder and kidnap mentally handicapped teens, and try to destroy existing systems, yet some disgruntled White men in Charlottesville are the “real terrorists”.

 As I’ve said before, as a Jew on a college campus, I’ve never felt more threatened in my life than when Antifa holds their marches. At every single one I’ve had the misfortune to be around, I’ve seen anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, and anti-White signs and hate speech, and the worst part is the police let it happen and nobody goes to oppose them. Nobody speaks up either when Islamic terrorists commit acts of violence on citizens around the world, unless it’s to condemn “Islamophobia”. Yet when White Nationalists, comprised of foolish, hateful, privileged young men try to have a demonstration, the world is aghast and everybody is expected to speak out against it. My point with all this is never to defend the White Nationalists, but rather to point out that extremists on both sides have been held up by the other side as easy targets to further segregate our society. We cannot fall for such mistruths, as they do nothing but poison our minds and turn on each other for personal allegiances, while turning a blind eye to our own transgressions. I implore everyone to band together and expel all extremists. Do not fall for the Trojan Horses set up by the media, a group’s previous suffering does not excuse current transgressions. The United States is a union, and we will either thrive together or fall together, let’s do everything in our power to avoid the latter. 

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