Democrats Need to Realign, Or Else They Will Lose Every Election In 2018 and On

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After mulling over the strange events that have happened these past couple weeks, I realized something rather unfortunate. Despite every big face in alternative media, despite key figures in conservative politics, despite the warning signs coming from Europe, despite half of the country shouting it in their faces last November, the Democratic party still doesn’t get it. They don’t understand that massive “too big to fail” corporations are toxic to this nation’s economy. They don’t understand the genuine threat that comes from importing thousands of untrained and non-English speaking migrants from the Middle East and Africa. They don’t understand the cultural destruction and moral decay that has directly resulted from ultra-progressive and Marxist policies being pumped into children’s brains through the education system. Most of all, they don’t understand what makes America the greatest nation to have ever existed, and for all these reasons, the Democrats have lost every single governmental position of power that they’ve slowly acquired over the past decades. Looking at how the party has been handling themselves since Donald Trump won the presidency last year, I don’t see them getting back on their feet anytime soon, which is actually a bad thing for this country.

Healthy Competition

While I’m no fan of the Democratic party, I do appreciate America’s two party system and the necessity to have a constant struggle for power. Both parties historically claim to have had the best interests in mind for the American people, and if they get put into positions of power, they’d be able to try out a bunch of things that the other party would never dare try. In the past, the Democrats might have promised to cut military spending in favor for increasing social welfare programs, or a Republican would cut foreign aid in order to lower taxes. After a solid century of this back and forth though, America hit a peak of social progress and economic advancement. Due to this, I believe that politics have become a game, where politicians and social scientists try to invent problems in American society, that only one of the political parties can then take seriously. Look at Bush, waging war in the Middle East on false pretenses in order to stimulate the faltering war economy, and Obama, who became a champion of social progress despite campaigning against gay marriage just years before. While the folks who live in DC, LA, SF and NYC all live in a world where issues like lobbying and cultural influence matter, for the rest of our very large nation, none of these issues matter. When the Democratic party cries for gun control nationwide after looking at crime rates in (Democrat controlled) cities like Detroit and Chicago, the decision makes no sense for the farmer living in Idaho, who needs guns for hunting and home defense. When the Democratic party cries for a single payer health care system because the hordes of immigrants they allowed into the nation aren’t qualified to get jobs in our slumped economy, it makes no sense for middle and working class America, who would only be harmed by increased premiums and mandated lower quality care. When a Democrat controlled company like Google fires an employee because he honestly wanted to help figure out why women made up such a low percentage of STEM workers, and realized that biology plays a big role in it, the situation makes no sense to every human being that trusts science and data to form opinions, instead of progress fueled emotions. None of these incidents happen in isolation, they all build up on top of one another, leaving a radioactive trail of unelectability upon every single person involved.

Fighting Windmills

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Every single time I think that Democrats will learn their lesson and try to remodel themselves, I feel that they only sink deeper into their destructive behavior, making themselves even more unliked. The problem is, in a field like business, if you’re bad at your job, people don’t like you, and you’ve only yielded negative results, without a second thought you would be fired. In politics though, if a congressman does the same, they can merely import thousands of immigrants to their respective district or state, and merely promise them social benefits and cultural protection. I’ve written before on how the New York Times has become a left-wing propaganda rag ever since Hispanic Billionaire Carlos Slim became its biggest shareholder, supporting open borders and unfiltered immigration. John Oliver’s show on HBO released a whole episode misreporting statistics to make it seem like it was the moral thing to accept untrained immigrants into our nation, who of course would go on to vote Democrat, have kids who go to college on affirmative action laws and vote Democrat, and so on. Every policy that the Democratic party supports does nothing more than build a coalition of “others”, comprised now of Muslims, LGBTQAI+ folk, Hispanics, Blacks, and women.

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Just like how the Marxists gave reasons for the working class to revolt against those in power, the Cultural Marxists that comprise the left today are trying to convince everyone that isn’t a straight white male that they’re somehow oppressed, which as time goes on becomes further detached from actual reality. This false reality is perpetuated by publications and entertainment companies, just tune into MTV or read a BuzzFeed listicle and every other piece of content involves some form of white or man bashing. This false reality gets so powerful and so entrenched that when a nation like North Korea threatens nuclear war with us, the media unironically hypothesizes that Trump instigated the war to build national unity and draw negative media attention away from him. We’ve hit a peak point of hysteria, delusion, and illogical policies, and the American people are finally taking measures to try and take their country back.

Join or Die

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I point out all the flaws with the Democratic party knowing full well that the Republican party is full of just as many snakes, just armed with different venom. The reason I don’t spend time bashing on the GOP though is because their transgressions are minor, and way more transparent. There’s no question that the draconian drug laws and inability to repeal Obamacare are massive negative drawbacks to the Republican side, yet the fact of the matter is that these are Republican issues, not conservative ones. The problem with the current Republican party is that it uses the title of conservative for centrist RHINO’s like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. For every true conservative like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who understand what needs to be done to get this country on the right track, there’s a John McCain or Lindsey Graham who want to get rich off war and oil lobbying. The amazing thing is, voting in Donald Trump shook up the system, and gave America a freedom that even a third party candidate couldn’t give us. Effectively, Donald Trump not only vanquished the Democrats, but he also killed the traditional GOP, allowing new factions to mould its direction for the near future. Seeing that awesome libertarians like Austin Petersen are running in Missouri, and genuine conservatives like Kid Rock are running in Michigan, a new path opens before us that could genuinely help this country become great again. Lower taxes, a restoration of morality, law and order, diversified health care, free markets, all things that Americans thought they were promised living in this country, could be ours. Sure, voting for a human being to write up legislature doesn’t solve all of our problems, but it helps. It helps push us into a corrective position, one where the nation isn’t always in fear of falling apart at the seams at any given moment. Donald Trump was just the start of the renaissance of American interest, which the media hilariously dubbed as a “white lash”. Well, until the Democratic party stops perpetuating its same losing policies, the nation is going to keep inching away voting for them, consuming their bias news, and paying for their preachy and unwatchable entertainment. I implore anyone who actually identifies as liberal to wake up to the fact that their policies are failing and the news bubble they live in is full of lies. Until you do, those on the Right will continue to win every important election in this nation, and we’ll all be laughing as you struggle to understand why, and pretty soon you’ll run out of nations and “isms” to blame your loss on.

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