If War Broke Out With North Korea, Which Side Would the Media Take?

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If you’ve been on social media or read any news today, you’ve surely seen the firestorm of worry that has risen over the North Korea situation. Following the sanctions that were placed on the Hermit Kingdom, Kim Jong Un has spoken out against the U.S., claiming that North Korea would make America pay for being hostile towards them. This follows an ever aggressive military policy on North Korea’s part, with NK claiming they have nuclear ICBM capability and that these missiles could reach the continental U.S. President Trump responded to these threats with threats of his own, saying that North Korea could essentially expect utter destruction should they try anything. The news that has everyone worried today is that South Korean intelligence is reporting that North Korea is planning to strike the island of Guam, which is a U.S. territory with a major military presence. Should North Korea’s threats turn into anything more than just loud mouthing, we would surely see an immediate and strong response from the U.S. With all these pieces together, I have to ask, on which side would the American media be should war actually break out?

What is it Good For?

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American media has been notoriously bad these past years, constantly distorting news and lying to the public, as editorial standards begin to decline and agendas continue to be pushed. The bias and echo chambering has become so bad that the media were not only completely wrong about every election result for the past two years, but they’ve also convinced the American public that somehow this cabinet and presidency is worse than the previous two, which is obviously not the case. The Obama presidency was filled with more leaks, scandals, and war than most others, yet the media’s bias led them to focus instead on Ted Cruz policy and the fight for gay marriage. The Bush presidency was also full of scandal and bad decisions, most notably the Iraq War, yet the media went all in on supporting Bush in those post-9/11 days. Ironically, a lot of respected journalists have actually gotten in trouble or lost respect because they supported and justified Bush’s forays into the Middle East, using incomplete information or outright lies to keep the American public complicit. We can see similar decisions in the way the media refused to cover the Arab Spring and the truth behind Benghazi during the Obama presidency, although no journalist has taken flack for these ill reports. Even when you think back to the entire Vietnam generation, where all of popular culture was saturated in anti-war and anti-government movies, television, and music, or even further back to the days of Hearst and yellow-journalism, where newspapers literally drove the nation into the Spanish-American war, it’s easy to feel like journalism has had a constant history of propagandizing under their veil of authority.

There’s Something Happening Here

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With this history in mind, it’s really interesting to theorize how the media would handle another massive conflict in North Korea should one break out. Mainstream news have essentially made it their entire existence as of late to slander Trump and his cabinet at every turn, and it would do nothing but destroy any of their remaining credibility if they suddenly told the public to put their faith into these leaders that they just spent the past 6 months harassing. It also wouldn’t be acceptable should they choose to take an anti-engagement stance, as the American public is in a weird place between fed up and aggressive towards the North Koreans, and their constant posturing. Just like how the Obama administration handled Iran, the U.S. policy towards North Korea has been nothing short of moronic, as we’ve done everything but physically put weapons in the hands of a brainwashed and anti-west society.

As I said before, it was a great decision to finally put sanctions on North Korea, but honestly it’s too little too late. What we now have on our hands is an incredibly fanatical and desperate failed state led by an upper class of insane, sad men who have only survived this long because of Russian and Chinese support. The time to deescalate the situation was years ago, not when the nation finally got their hands on nuclear weapons and the ability to launch them towards the U.S. or territory protected by them. The need to take some form of action is here, and U.S. ambassador John Bolton has stated that the U.S. will no longer deal with North Korean threats without retaliation. As full out conflict inches closer, it seems that the media isn’t taking either route, instead choosing to put on their tin foil hats and claim that Trump is intentionally escalating things with North Korea in order to gain approval. It really does seem then that the old media is beyond saving, and is instead run by people so deeply removed from reality that they are actually incapable of reporting anything close to the truth.

I Ain’t No Senator’s Son

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American foreign policy has been in a weird place ever since the Bush-era, as nobody is sure what to make of things. At the end of the day, we know that Neo-Con policies of all world policing and regime change does nothing but further destabilize regions, but we’ve also seen that the faux-peace drone strike heavy policy of the Democrats does nothing but create terror groups and make America look weak. Playing the Libertarian, “we shouldn’t have war at all” stance doesn’t fly anymore, as pacifism will do nothing but doom us in this hostile climate. With Trump, we’ve shouted loudly while carrying the biggest stick, and while it managed to subdue more rational nations like Saudi Arabia, it’s done nothing but further spoke fires with the insane rulers of North Korea. The problem is, no matter which side the media takes, America will be fine, but our allies won’t. Seoul, the capital of South Korea is within range of even the weakest of North Korea’s weapons, and North Korea has proven itself capable of firing missiles into Japan as well. Should we get involved, our two strongest allies in the Pacific would no doubt suffer the greatest, which the selfish and western focused media everywhere fails to realize. I personally think the media is going to paint itself into a corner, and eventually start taking a pro-military stance yet again should we engage in war with North Korea.

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I still think the fear mongering as of late is a little much, and the situation could still be settled should cooler minds prevail, but considering the climate we’re in, it’s now appropriate to prepare for the worst. Now more than ever is a good time to recognize that should war break out, it is not these pundits or politicians who will be fighting, but rather that dreaded middle America that put Trump into power in the first place. Trump genuinely loves this region of America, and you can tell he loves the troops by how often he visits them and praises them and promises to fix the VA situation, but the best way to show appreciation for these troops is to not further embroil us into conflicts that we don’t need. Should North Korea actually fire a missile on Guam, Japan, South Korea, or even the continental U.S., there is no other response but with military retaliation, but in 2017, we have plenty of options that don’t involve deploying troops on the ground. We have more than enough air and naval domination in that region should we want to “reign fire” on our attackers, and we should know better than to send thousands of ground troops to a nation that land borders China, a nation we’ve had a tenuous relationship with at best. In these trying times, don’t get caught up in the fear mongering and the finger pointing and the misinformation cycle. Don’t believe anything unless you’ve seen multiple sources report that it’s true, ensure you consume content from every side of the spectrum, and most of all don’t feed into this disgusting, “we’re all doomed, I embrace the nuclear holocaust” attitude. In case you forgot, we’re still America, the most powerful and wealthy nation in all of modern history. Don’t let a teenage affirmative action hire working for Vox or a leathery spray tanned blonde at Fox send you into a panic attack with their word salads. We’re better than that, and only together, not apart, will we get through these crazy times.


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