Australia Bans Jews from Building Synagogue Because of Terror Threats

In worrying news, the Jewish community of Bondi, Australia was blocked by the city council from constructing a synagogue. The backwards reasoning that the council gave for this discriminatory behavior was that there a high amount of Islamic and Anti-Semitic terror threats in Australia lately, and until things can be calmed down they felt that putting up a synagogue would just be asking for something bad to happen. Before I even get into how counter-intuitive and downright discriminatory this policy is, I want to point out that this isn’t the only instance of this happening. Every day, Jews get blamed for the provoking neo-nazis, Muslims, and various other Anti-Semitic groups into being hateful towards them, which is weirdly one of the oldest and widespread forms of victim blaming throughout history in my opinion. On a larger scale, the nation of Israel is often blamed for unrest in the Middle East, as if the years of foreign destabilization and retrogressive theocratic regimes aren’t the ones to blame, but as always, people resort to blaming the Jews. You’d think that by now they’d have a fancier or sneakier way of declaring their Anti-Semitism, but instead communities globally are allowed to commit discriminatory acts, always in the name of pleasing another group.

A Round Peg in a S(uicide Bombing)quare Hole

The idiocy of banning the Jews from being able to freely practice their religion in any community shouldn’t have to be explained at this point, but for some reason it’s needed now more than ever. To say that Jews shouldn’t be allowed to build a place of worship in a town because of terror threats is like saying we shouldn’t make cars anymore because of DUI’s. Of course cars are a wonderful invention and it just so happens that there is a small portion of evil or dumb people who decide to get behind the wheel drunk or high, and an even smaller portion of those people end up hurting/killing themselves and others. At the same time though, society both celebrates cars, and publicly shames those who get into DUI’s. In modern society, smoking cigarettes, being a rapist, having a DUI, and not liking Harry Potter are basically the worst things you can be. Why then, when there is an admittedly small percentage, yet frequent amount of evil and/or dumb people who discriminate or commit violence against Jews, do people then support the aggressor? After a drunk driver wipes out a family with his truck society doesn’t try to pick through his life and blame his upbringing and oppression on why he committed such a heinous act, instead they appropriately hold him responsible for his actions and hopefully that community puts up awareness campaigns and designated driver orgs to prevent such a tragic thing from happening again. There are over a billion Muslims in the world, and only about 15 million Jews at most. Yet whenever an Israeli commits a wrong, the entire Jewish global community gets shamed, when Muslims commit an almost weekly act of terror at this point, the global community stays silent and increases funding so more acts can be committed. Not only is there societal discrimination, Jews have survived more than that before, but with the baked in Anti-Semitism of globalist communities like the EU and UN, there are legitimately systematic aggressions being instituted against the Jews, and everybody stays silent.

Pot Calling the Kettle an Idiot

When the Jewish community in Bondi told their city council that they would pay extra in the construction to increase security measures for their synagogue, they were still rejected, the council now using the excuse that a security heavy synagogue would be an “eyesore” for the community at large. Imagine if any city council these days told an Islamic community they couldn’t build their large, imposing mosques in their cities, using similar excuses. There would be outright rioting, probably much more violent and destructive than the current riots committed by Islamic migrants in nations like Germany. I’ve actually been told by African American friends of mine that Jews have it easier than any black person because nobody is actually Anti-Semitic anymore, while there are plenty of racists still around. Almost all of these people are part of the Black Lives Matter movement, and I see them constantly hold the spectre of the Klu Klux Klan up to try to gain sympathy and support for their rallies. I always remind them that there are only 5,000 Klan members today, while there are literally entire Neo-Nazi political movements of tens of thousands of people in every European nation right now, which gain power every day due to the unchecked acceptance of migrants and ever-failing economies of that region. I remind them that the leaders of Islamic nations publicly call for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, and that the UN aids and funds these leaders. I remind them that 20% of the world’s population is black, and that multiple nations have had black leaders, including the most powerful nation, America. Meanwhile, Jews make up less than 1% of the world’s population and there has never been a Jewish president, the institutions that be (the DNC) even go as far as to block a candidate from winning the primary (Bernie Sanders) because they worry that his heritage wouldn’t appeal to enough voters. I bring all of this up because the media and society trips over itself trying to make reparations for the atrocities committed by certain people’s ancestors decades and centuries ago towards blacks, yet stay silent or even oppositional when it comes to the past and current atrocities committed on the Jewish population. The black community gets mad that HBO wants to make Confederate, or that the film Detroit was made by a non-black director, and people take their concerns seriously, yet when Jewish people are murdered in their homes in Israel or banned from creating a place of worship, their cries fall on deaf ears.

All Men Are Created Equal?

I don’t enjoy the current level of identity politics that penetrate every aspect of modern life, yet when it comes to the Jewish community you have to play them. I think it’s an absolute travesty that the Jews in Bondi aren’t going to be able build their synagogue because of governments continuing to pander to the the ever-growing horde of Islamic migrants that terrorize communities, and the ever-growing Anti-Semitic hate mobs that exist both online and in real life. Thankfully in America, the U.S. Constitution protects such a thing from happening, and if a city council even attempted to do such a thing the Jewish community would have them sued before they even knew what happened. That being said, it’s important to be aware and watch events like what happened in Australia, because trends travel. Ask someone growing up in the Reagan era if we’d have universal healthcare and a never ending war in the Middle East and they’d think you were in the wrong hemisphere. As the internet and increasing bubbles cause youth to slip out of reality and into fantasy worlds, all communities, not just Jewish ones, need to get ready to protect their naturally born rights as citizens of this nation. These rights are the only thing we’re guaranteed in this life, and it’s what makes this country genuinely great. Don’t be scared to fight for them, whether verbally in public debate or legally in court. We all saw what happened last time we let the government take away the rights of Jews and other “unsavory” minority groups, I’d rather not repeat that mess.

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