Why Do People Still Defend Obamacare?

Waking up every morning and checking the news has become a more and more dangerous dice roll on my mental health. I’ve come to learn how to handle the fact that the media is never going to let the Trump/Russia fable go, and that no matter the accomplishments, conservatives will always be perceived as evil by the left. What I can’t stomach though, is the vile tribalism that has been bred by modern politics, and this was clearly displayed by the reaction to Sen. John McCain’s speech, and subsequent vote, at Congress today. I’ve never seen so many people who claim to be tolerant, peace-loving, and progressive, publicly call for a person’s death and suffering all over the way he voted on healthcare reform. It would make a little more sense if McCain was actually a despot, personally calling for the implementation of eugenics or something of that nature, but instead, he simply voted to move forward with the plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Seeing such a wide array of reactions to the vote to begin the repeal process (which passed 51-50 today) made me genuinely ponder, why are people still defending Obamacare to this day?

A Tarnished Legacy

It always makes me laugh to see young progressives complain about the lack of transparency the current GOP has had with healthcare reform, when the current system they’re defending was pushed quietly overnight, when the senators who fought against it were chastised and ridiculed by the media, and when the politicians who created the bill would say phrases like, “You have to pass it to see what’s in it”. The Democratic Party under Barack Obama was undeniably one of the most corrupt and tribal forms of a political party that we’ve seen in this nation, which was part of what Senator McCain said in his speech today. Obamacare getting passed has been one of the most harmful attacks on American freedom, and the fact that it’s taken this long to get any headway on the repeal process is insane. What I find even crazier is how fanatical people are in it’s defense. Nobody, and I mean nobody in this nation has benefited from the ill gotten system. Even Bernie Sanders talked about how horrible the system was when he was campaigning, and all it takes is actually leaving LA or NYC and talking to real Americans to understand the devastating effects Obamacare has had on working America. I feel people defend it so fervently for two reasons. The first being that it’s one of the pillars of Obama’s legacy, as the former president didn’t leave much else (other than millions of dead women and children from conflicts his administration started in the Middle East). The second reason is that the healthcare issue taps into the same virtue signaling mentality that immigration does. Instead of recognizing that a free market would better benefit the most amount of families and that young people shouldn’t be forced to pay into insurance, people instead see the issue as, “poor people can’t afford health care and get sick and die, affordable care act makes healthcare affordable, they live. The same goes with the influx of migrants in Europe and illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America. They seem to see every migrant deportation as the splitting up of a struggling family, who are coming to a more successful nation for a better life, throwing laws and borders to the wayside.

The Problem With “Free”

The modern left focuses so strongly on false ideals and anecdotes instead of actual evidence, fact, or honest reality, that it makes political discourse so difficult. It’s always hard for me to take a college student begging for free tuition and health care for all seriously when they themselves are pursuing a liberal arts degree while using their father’s oil company’s insurance. College students live in such a weird reality, where they brag about who struggles the most and they wear badges of honor based on who has suffered and fights for the suffering the most. At the same time, almost all of these students have had lives of relative ease and privilege, and seem to fight for these rights to both fit into their Marxist campuses and ease the guilt they have for coming from a good background. What none of these people understand is that the issue with the health care system is not an issue of government control or market control, but rather how much influence insurance companies have. The fact that insurance companies can charge so much for treatment is ridiculous, and premiums and rates have only gone up since Obamacare kicked in. While before, a person or company would actually have to pay the insurance company for their coverage, Obamacare makes it possible for insurance companies to ratchet up the prices however high they want since every single person is forced to have coverage. Not only that, but people are forced to buy insurance from the state they reside in, forcing a monopoly of sorts on people’s lives. If we want open and clear statistics of what government controlled health care in the U.S. would look like, look no further than the V.A. and how we treat veterans in this nation. Thousands of veterans lost their lives waiting for health care that was promised to them by the government. Poor management, poor funding, and incredibly poor overhead doomed these men and women to their end. At the end of the day, supporting insurance companies only helps corporate interest, and supporting a government solution only strips our personal liberties and freedom to choose. What we need is a truly free system, one where both medical professionals and the citizenry benefit, and where the livelihood of our nation is ensured, but not mandated.

What’s the Solution?

The reason I’m not overly optimistic about the health care situation is that although the motion to begin repeal and reform was passed, it has nothing to do with actual bills fixing the system getting passed. Even if the GOP can get a bill past all the gridlock that I’m sure the Democrats will throw their way, I’m certain that snakes like Ryan and McConnell will have attached riders to the bill that will make actual defenders of liberty like Senator Rand Paul to vote the bill down. I agree with Senator McCain’s speech today, blaming tribalism and party dogma for the issues we have in this nation. I add onto his claims though, in that what makes party adherence dangerous is the fact that neither party in America has the people’s interests at heart. Whether Democrats keep Americans enslaved under Obamacare, or Republicans conjure up something comparable but seemingly different with their new plan, one can only assume that the people don’t come first. This needs to change, and it can only change by cycling out the elites in Washington come 2018. Don’t let a senator stay in power in your state if they supported Obamacare. Don’t let a senator keep or gain power if they don’t accurately point out the flaws with Obamacare, as well as if they don’t have a plan going forward. Remember, politicians exist to serve the people, and nobody benefits from this current status quo. Keep an eye on everyone these upcoming months, the future of our nation will depend on it.

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