Israel Takes Down Metal Detectors as Palestinian Unrest Grows

I was staying away from reporting on the insanity that’s been going on in Israel lately because all of the news stories involved small events that all fed into a larger story. I’m still waiting on these events to unfold, as the violent situation that’s been rising again is far from over, but after the way Israel decided to handle it today, I felt the need to throw my opinion out there.

A History of Violence

To be clear, the violence and rioting that we’ve seen this past month is obviously nothing new, but what seems to be new is how almost every single outlet is unanimously supporting the violent Palestinians. Instead of showing sympathy for the Jewish family that was murdered last week, or showing how the Palestinians have been celebrating the murderer as a hero and freedom fighter, journalists have instead decided to cover how sweet the murderer’s mother has been, handing out candy to her neighbors, or how the Israelis were “settlers” and thus were living on what is perceived to be Palestinian territory. Journalists have injected their own ignorant philosophy towards the Israel/Palestine situation and removed all fact from their reports and replaced them with bias. In years past, when Palestinians began acts of terror, which have historically included suicide bombings, stabbings, shootings, and more, the world understood that Israel had to take anti-terror measures to ensure the safety of the Jewish homeland. Nowadays, no matter how criminal and inhumane the Palestinians have been acting, journalists fall over themselves to defend their little victims, using all sorts of fanciful language and ridiculous anecdotes to try and justify blatant anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and terrorism.

Ticking Time Bomb

That aside, I think it’s important to understand what happened in Israel these past weeks that led to the now removed metal detectors. As mentioned earlier, a tragic attack happened on a Jewish settlement where a family, who was awaiting guests, had their house broken into by a local Palestinian villager and three of the residents were killed, all of whom were quite elderly as well. This coincided with recent riots that have broken out, which the Palestinians claim is because of metal detectors placed at the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is a holy site for all the Monotheistic religions, but as it is in Jerusalem it is obviously the job of the Israeli government to keep this ancient holy site safe. Just recently, three Arab Israelis attacked and killed two Druze Israelis (Druze are incredibly insular, ethno-religion in the Levant) who were guarding the area. These attacks led the increased safety measures in the form of metal detectors to be put in place, and I feel like that is a totally reasonable response to have. Not surprisingly, the Palestinians took massive offense to these metal detectors, claiming that they were a way for the Israelis to further claim dominance over this holy site. The unrest led to the murder of an Israeli guard at Israel’s embassy in Jordan, as well as the aforementioned murder of the family at their home. Of course, almost every one of these instances also led to the attacking Palestinian(s) to be killed, thus adding more fuel to the delusional fire.

The Definition of Insanity Is…

I generally think that the Israeli government does a good job at handling these bouts of Palestinian terror. Although seemingly harsh out of context, I’m a big proponent of cracking down hard on terror, especially when you’re Israel and you’re surrounded by nations that want your demise, religions that have historically oppressed and murdered you, and people who have been raised to despise your existence. I wish that before one of these HuffPo journalists wrote about these conflicts going on in Israel, that they’d take off their social justice goggles and look at the situation honestly. No matter which way you break it down, I don’t see how the Palestinians are anything more than a group of hateful people who choose to be obstinate, hateful children, using tactics like rioting and terrorism to kill innocent civilians, including other Palestinians. The fact that Netanyahu’s cabinet decided it was best to take down the the metal detectors at Temple Mount is a move that only feeds the delusion, because it treats these metal detectors as if they are the problem. Just like it would be an ignorant decision to blame video games after a violent shooting, trying to blame a trigger that doesn’t exist. The people committing the crime are evil, not the object. I recognize that the Israelis are pumping money into security for that area in a less noticeable way than metal detectors, but it’s still the public demonstration of capitulation that bothers me. The public support for these rioters and terrorists sickens me, and makes me wonder when the media will recognize that you can’t say Anti-Zionist without also meaning Anti-Semite, they’re one in the same. I hope people in my generation will soon wake up to the error in supporting extremist Islam and Palestinian terror, seeing them for what they are. Until then, I just hope Israel can continue to make it through these attacks, and that the Jewish people can continue to persevere in their historic homeland.

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