Pride Parade Shows Their True Colors, Bans Jewish Flags

Here’s a full report of what happened in Chicago:


Today in Chicago, several Jewish members of the LGBTQAI+ community were told that they weren’t allowed to fly their Star of David flags at the “Dyke March”. The “Dyke March” is a variant of the typical Chicago Pride Parade, claiming to place a larger emphasis on social justice and being more inclusive. Ironically this is their reasoning for banning the Star of David from their event, as in their mind it is a hateful symbol. When questioned how the symbol of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel was hateful, the organizers of the “Dyke March” claimed that they were “anti-Zionist” and “Pro-Palestine”. They claimed that members of the march felt uncomfortable and unsafe. Not only does this reasoning alienate the Jewish members of the Chicago pride community, but it showcases a larger issue with Progressive’s view on Judaism.

Above all else, this situation highlights the lack of logic that goes into modern progressivism. Out of all the nations on the Middle East, there’s only one nation where being gay is not only socially acceptable, but also not punishable by government or religious figures. The nation isn’t Iraq or Jordan, but Israel. The “Dyke March” isn’t the only organization that has said they are anti-Zionist, in fact it’s typically the majority opinion. They always claim the same (inaccurate) thing, that the Israelis oppress and genocide the Palestinian people, that they build walls not friendships, and so on. I could go on for hours about why none of these things are actually true, but even if they were, it still doesn’t excuse having this affection for the Palestinian people. A majority of Palestinians are Muslim Arabs, which means their entire culture is based on the oppression of women, gays, slaves*, and non-Muslims. If history were different and the Palestinian people had their own state right now, it would be just another desert hellscape of oppression just like every other region that Islamist extremists get their hands on.

The only reason that the Palestinians are supported by the left is because of two reasons. One being that Palestinians appear to the misinformed as the perfect victim by progressive standards. Non-white, Non-Christian, poor, stateless, welfare-dependent, and fast reproducing, all the traits a politician running on a platform that sells social programs and help for the little guy, dreams for. Look at how many regions worldwide that Palestinians live in, then look at what parties and platforms they vote for. Make more sense why liberals pander to them? The second reason progressives support Palestinians is because Palestinians make up a large number of social activists. Look up every major social justice march or movement online, and look at its founders or organizers. If you don’t find a Palestinian woman in their ranks I’ll be surprised. They’re incredibly easy to spot, they’re typically the one identifying as a feminist in their bio yet also wearing a hijab. The most famous example of this is in Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian activist who has fabricated hate crimes on herself, allied herself with those who fund and support Hamas (a Palestinian terror group), and radicalized thousands of young women and Muslims in America through misinformation and fabricated events. She was also one of the four co-chairs who ran the nation wide Women’s March. Yes, the largest march in American history was organized by a Palestinian extremist who openly campaigns against Jews and the nation of Israel. With people like Sarsour in the ears of young progressives everywhere, it’s no wonder that so many Americans are identifying as being both anti-Israel and pro-Palestine.

Organizer’s of the widely popular Woman’s March. Doesn’t that hijab just scream women’s rights?

This issue extends past the Israel/Palestine dispute though**. Pride parades are being hijacked to push agendas that segregate and ban against those they were for just a few years ago. Ever since gay marriage was nationally legalized and Donald Trump took the White House, there has been a scary shift on the progressive agenda. No longer pretending to be all-inclusive, they have adopted a stance that doubles down on fear mongering and the radicalization of perceived minority groups. I say perceived because these so called “minorities” still make up a large amount of people. Hispanics and Muslims are the fastest growing and fastest reproducing groups in America. Muslims are also the fastest growing groups in practically every Western nation. There are more women than men in the world, and women are over-represented in almost every major university and graduation statistic. I bring these up to draw attention to the advantages these groups that we’re constantly told are oppressed and underrepresented possess. The progressive agenda has always been to pander to these groups, but these past few years these groups have received advantage after advantage from progressive administrations like the Obama Presidency and the Trudeau PMship. Now that any real disadvantages have been solved with society, the left has had to double down on their campaigns, still using the same rhetoric and now-false statistics. This has also led to the alienation of certain groups, most notably the white gay male. Now seen by progressives as a non-oppressed groups, gay males have seen a massive abandonment from the left, now becoming fair game to criticize as they often find themselves uninvited to be part of the “Oppression Olympics”. Today’s news from Chicago show that Jews have also lost their spot on the ever-shrinking oppression list. Notice how popular magazines and media sites have gone from spotlighting gay couples and queer males, and instead focused on minority lesbians and transgendered folk. The popularity and promotion of Orange is the New Black should highlight this trend in favor of minority and female groups, while the failure of shows like Sense8 or the eye-rolls gay characters on Glee got shows the trend against previously glorified ones.

The takeaway from today is not a new one. As always, people show themselves to be misinformed on a social or political manner, and thus innocent people suffer because of it. I sympathize with the lgbt-identifying Jews who weren’t able to represent the pride they have in their religion and Jewish community in accepting their sexuality and lifestyles. I also warn them, along with everyone, that this is a trend, not a freak accident. The more the left tries to divide the world socially, the more groups will find themselves surprised by which side they actually fall on. Be careful, sooner or later you might find your race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, or zip code to be offensive to somebody. What will you do when you’re told you’re not invited to the party?       


*Yes, slaves. The Islamic world still actively partakes in the slave trade. Africans, Asians, and non-Muslim Arabs are forced into hard labor and harsh treatment.

**One last note on this subject. Be very cautious of soft bigotry nowadays. Look at how viciously liberals attack conservative blacks like Ben Carson, conservative women like Ann Coulter, and pro-Israeli Jews like Gal Gadot. Once they’re given the pass by society to make fun of them, they love to throw out words they would never use otherwise. This is why for me Anti-Zionist and Anti-Israel equals Anti-Semitism.

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