What Kind of Anarchist Are You? (Quiz)


I wanted to try something new with today’s blog. Instead of doing a typical post, I created an online quiz that allows you to determine what type of anarchist you are, if you even are one. I find that most people in my generation are increasingly distrustful of authority and the state, and this has led to a large diversity of anti-authoritarian opinion. I want my friends and those online to be able to take this quiz, to not only discover where your beliefs align, but also to realize how diverse anarchist thought truly is. It is not merely as clear cut as American libertarian and Antifa-style anarcho-communism. Comment below or Tweet me @EthanBerman what results you get. Feel free to Google what you got to research and read about how deep these ideologies really go.

A major point of the quiz is to help people recognize that anarchism extends past people in black masks breaking cars and blasting edgy music. In fact, most of anarchist theory and thought has been done in a civilized manner in universities and credible publications, with a lot of great minds putting a lot of great thought into these thoughts. You might be surprised how many famous people might share the beliefs you hold, such as magician Penn Gillette being an anarcho-capitalist. Even if you don’t get an ideology, explore the works of Rothbard, Faure, and plenty more. Even if you don’t feel the desire to overthrow the state after reading them, you’ll at least gain a better ability to question why systems that exist do in the first place, and maybe in the future be more wary giving the state more power.  Last of all, once you get your result, put your result in the poll below so I can see what everybody got.

Here’s a manual link to the quiz:

Take the Quiz Here!

Answer the poll after you’ve taken the quiz!

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