Why You Need to Stop Worshipping Hacks Like Johnny Depp

Here’s a clip that has the abhorrent statement by Depp:



In front of a large crowd in the UK, domestic abuser and occasional actor Johnny Depp decided it would be hilarious to remind his audience about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He said to the crowd, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” which was then met by roaring applause and laughter. It wasn’t met with boos. It wasn’t met with shocked sounds. It was met with the same sound of approval that one might hear if he had said, “Puppies are awesome!” or “I’m donating money to end world hunger!”. Instead, Depp, the star of dozens of family films, mounted the stage, gripped a microphone, and tastelessly joked about killing President Trump. There’s a danger to doing this, the constant shouting down of authority that modern celebrities are taking part in. We’ve already seen the effects the media has had on American citizens with the shooting of Rep. Scalise that was committed by a radicalized Bernie supporter. Let’s unpack why Depp, as well as many other celebrities are in the wrong and don’t deserve the support that they get by millions.

Depp’s comments are nowhere near the first we’ve heard in this vein. Since Donald Trump announced he was running for president we’ve seen a dramatic spike in insane and inflammatory statements being made by Hollywood and the media’s large stars. One that stands out to me was when pop music superstar Madonna stood on a stage after Trump won and said, “I think a lot about blowing up the White House”. Along with the comment, Madonna was wearing a “pussy hat” and a shirt that said radical feminist on it. People defended Madonna’s comments, saying that she wasn’t being literal and that she should be allowed to say ridiculous things like these to cheering audiences because of free speech. To me though, statements like her’s and Depp’s extend past simple virtue signaling and headline grabbing. I believe they’re based in an honest derangement most of the media is mired in. It wouldn’t bother me as badly if these weren’t the same people that millions of people worldwide model themselves after and aspire to be as well.

When musicians, actors, directors, and writers all echo the same constant violent rhetoric, it makes you stop and wonder why they made these statements to begin with. Sure, Madonna could have just been venting  when she said she wants to blow up the White House, but what if just one of her fans didn’t think she was joking? What if that one person also loved the Avengers, and watched its director, Joss Whedon, gather all of his favorite superhero actors in one video that called the current president a crook, a villain, and a liar? What if that one person also follows Rachel Maddow on Twitter, and sees her day after day accuse the president of hacking the election with Russia? If you’re an optimist, you could call all this the effects of an echo chamber, blowing it off with the notion that like-minded people congregate, and Hollywood is just full of like minded people. If you’re a realist though, you’ll see this for what it is, social engineering. Hollywood has been used as a tool of propaganda since WWII. Americans love their media, and the way they get a lot of their social conditioning comes from the social norms they see in their media. Left wing academia are the ones who recognized the power that media possesses, and this is what led to the evangelical censoring and desire for inclusion we’ve seen these past few decades in the “politically correct” movement. It’s ironic then that the same people who find certain language “problematic” and love to label things as “hate speech” have no issue with saying things like, “blow up the white house”. This makes me ask yet another question. Why do Americans even tolerate the media that they do?

This question came to my head after the sputtering release of Amy Schumer’s Leather Special. Schumer to me is the epitome of what Hollywood has become to me. She’s derivative, unfunny, and far too political. During the universally panned “Leather Special” she stopped her routine halfway through to make statements about how she was anti-gun. It was jarring, awkward, and received no acclaim from anybody, even the most anti-gun members of the left. After this special came out, people on the both sides of the political spectrum complained about how horrible the special was, writing Schumer off. Despite this, we’ll all see marketing for whatever Schumer’s next project is whenever that horror comes out and we’ll go through this same routine. A similar thing happens every time Lena Dunham does a cringey and public stunt, like when she took a picture of herself naked, eating cake, and sitting on a toilet, to challenge beauty standards. Again, everybody cringed at how strange this action was, yet continued to watch the last season of Girls, thus supporting her and her actions. Finally, people for years celebrate Bill Maher and his edgy style of liberal comedy. Then he makes a comment about Islam or slips and says the “n-word” on his show and immediately people disown him, but just temporarily. Real Time retains its large audience and Bill Maher won’t lose any credibility. What’s strange to me is that these are the figures who formulate and promote the viewpoints of the left. They tell everyone to vote Democrat and make being a liberal mainstream for young people. These deranged, unhealthy people are the ones who people look up to as cool or funny. I mean, think about how many people look up to Madonna as a music icon, only to see her turn into this:

My point through all this is that it’s strange that the young look up to and idolize dysfunctional, uneducated, and mentally unhealthy media figures. Young Americans can’t name a philosopher or a current senator, yet they think they love socialism and are allowed to vote for president. People are impressionable, whether we like it or not, and the fact that our media is swarmed with such toxic individuals is something that I can’t support. We’ve already seen the start of what all these toxic ideas breed, and I’m not looking forward to what future actions are. Look at any college campus and you’ll see scores of black masked goons supporting anarchy and communism, crying for the death of cops and the president. They didn’t get morphed into these monstrosities on accident. Do me a favor and keep an eye on the media these upcoming days. Take note of every time they make a negative statement about Trump, Republicans, conservatives, capitalism, men, and white people. Take a note of every time they promote Democrats, liberalism, socialism, Islam, and pedophilia*. If this shocks you, it should. They’re trying to destroy our values. It’s up to us to allow them.


*Yes. Pedophilia. Salon released a long article justifying pedophilia, but subsequently deleted it after pressure to do so. It’s called a slippery slope people. Try to normalize one thing and you end up justifying the rest. It’s time to draw the line.

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