What Otto Warmbier’s Death Shows Us About North Korea

Here’s Donald Trump’s statement on Warmbier’s death:



In a tragic turn of events, Otto Warmbier, the young man from the United States who was imprisoned by North Korea*, has passed away. His story is one of incredibly strange events, and it’s incredibly tragic to see him pass. I want to cover not only his story though, but how what happened to him reflects upon the incredibly strange, isolated, and evil nation that is North Korea. I feel as if there’s a characterized version of every evil force that exists both through history and in modern times, and I hope that the death of Otto will inject into the American people that there are moraless nations out there that will continue to exist despite how many think pieces like this one are written about them. This isn’t a Neo-Con call for action against the nation of North Korea, but rather an attempt to open the eyes of those reading to understand the gravity about what’s going on over there.

First off, what happened to Otto Warmbier is such a difficult situation to talk about. I’m going to avoid speaking about what-ifs and alternate scenarios because the only reality we get is the reality in which we live. With that said, the situation we saw Otto in these past years is one of imprisonment by the North Korean government. This is because he was caught trying to steal a piece of North Korean propaganda, and the totalitarian government locked him up for that. Americans watched in horror last year as we saw Otto receive a 15 year sentence of hard labor to repay this debt, and I know I was even more horrified when former president Barrack Obama did nothing but offer condolences to the family. When Trump took office, we all breathed a sigh of relief, as we knew his strongman tactics could possibly get Otto home. Unfortunately, we did get Otto home, but not in good shape, in fact, quite the opposite. Otto entered a coma after serious trauma to the head that doctors (publicly) couldn’t identify. The North Korean government claimed he died of botulism due to a reaction to taking a sleeping pill, though doctors immediately debunked that. Just today, Otto’s family announced that he was indeed back home in the U.S., although he had passed away due to his condition. President Trump released a solemn statement on the matter, and all of America shared a moment of mutual frustration towards the evils of the North Korean government.


Anyone who thinks the North Korean’s weren’t responsible for Otto’s death is insane. It’s clear that he suffered abuse from the NK government, and the trauma and torture they put him through is the cause of this young man’s death. They didn’t do this to protect North Korean secrets. They didn’t do this because Otto was a valuable agent that would return to America full of intelligence that could topple the North Korean totalitarian regime. They murdered Otto because they’re a nation ruled by sick, brainwashed, evil individuals. This is the equivalent of a sociopathic child who kills the family dog for being too loud. Its deplorable. Yet at the same time it’s unfortunately unavoidable if we continue to let citizens walk around this region and visit the land. We wouldn’t have civilians, especially young men and woman walk around a war zone in the Middle East, so why would we let them into North Korea? A nation that is run by a childish puppet with daddy issues and a power complex (Canadian’s will recognize this) who also has millions of brainwashed troops and agents at his disposal. What a horrible combination. Even more so if you understand what’s going on down there.

To keep it concise, the North Korean people are living in a complete nightmare of a nation. The North Korean government was only allowed to exist in order to help prop up communism in that region, and was part of the Soviet’s Cold War with the U.S. back in the mid-20th century. It was cute for the Soviet’s to parade around the Kim family and point out how well the nation was doing, despite all of their resources coming from the Soviet’s. They were literally a show pony, being trotted around in defense of the evil ideology of communism. Brain-dead and unemployed losers in the ilk of Bernie Sanders would look at the two Koreas, and try to point out to their American compatriots that the North was doing so much better under Communism than the South was doing under capitalism. Flash forward to the collapse of the Soviets, and you see all that money and resources disappear, and suddenly North Korea is a failing nation, looking for another teat to suck on less their nation fall into utter ruin. Along comes China this time, which had somehow managed to outdo the Soviets in the evil department and saw North Korea’s land border with them and shared ideological beliefs as enough reason to prop them up.


I say all this to point out that North Korea and its government are not one chosen by the people or even one of natural force and market choices. It is merely one that has been forced into existence by evil people and is one ruled by evil people. We face entire generations of North Koreans who are brainwashed to the full definition of the word. These are people who have no choice but to listen to their leaders, or else they will face prison camps, the murder of their families and friends, and their erasing from public records. It’s a tragic situation happening here, and as horrified I am at the death of someone from my own nation at their hands, I’m equally as horrified by the scores of people who have that as a daily part of their lives. I pity these people I guess, and I wish there was something we could do about it, and I’m not an interventionist. The biggest recommendation I have is to stop allowing our own citizens to go prodding around in that horrible place, and to not allow the stumpy child with the horrible haircut to have so much power in the world. It makes me sad, and it should make you sad too. Humanity deserves more than this.**


*I recognize that the official name is “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” but to me that’s like calling territory controlled by ISIS the Islamic State. I don’t capitulate to weirdos. Thus, I’ll continue to call it North Korea.


**There’s a great video about the history of North Korea by Colin Moriarty that breaks a lot of history down in a really digestible way. Worth checking out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amErCVDjPDA

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