How Reactions to #FreeLaura Show the Split in Approach on the Right

Here’s the Rebel’s report on what happened to Laura Loomer:

Last night in New York, The Rebel Media contributor Laura Loomer rushed onto the stage of the infamous production of Julius Caesar (the one where Caesar is Trump and gets assassinated) and started denouncing both the cast and the audience for supporting such a disturbing production. Loomer was immediately booed and pulled off stage by law enforcement and detained. The video of her rushing stage instantly went viral, with plenty of support for her coming from the right, specifically members of the new right. On top of that, Loomer managed to raise a large online debate from both sides over the ethics of having such a play on in the first place. More interestingly to me though is that Loomer’s actions sparked a heated debate between members of the right. One side, which was mainly made up of centrists and Ted Cruz supporting, Neo-Con style conservatives argued that her actions were unsavory. In their view, this disruption was no better than the tactics Antifa and the left use, and that such a public spectacle devalues her argument. On the other side, supporting Loomer, are members of the New-Right, Alt-Right, and those who supported Trump. They supported Loomer’s bold move, and saw her action as a great way to make effective change. The arguments over her actions almost got more attention than the action itself, and some of them were pretty intense.

Arguably the most intense debate was between Ben Shapiro and Mike Cernovich. Shapiro’s political beliefs are far more traditional and in the Neo-Con vein, and he often gets into altercations with both the left and the new right in person and online. Cernovich to me represents the new right, supporting Trump, brashness, and big names in the alt-right. Their Twitter fight started last night when Shapiro called Cernovich out for supporting Loomer’s actions, saying that her rushing the stage wasn’t justified. This is how Cernovich responded:


As you can imagine, this spurred a huge debate between both members and their fan bases, as well as friends of theirs. At the end of it, right-wing Twitter was ablaze with powerful opinions, and no consensus was reached. It honestly got pretty ugly, and I was upset at how quickly the loose alliance on the right fell apart. Just look at this:


Now this isn’t surprising as America’s right-wing has always been an uneasy Mexican standoff. The modern American Left is pretty much just made up of establishment Democrats and Bernie Bros. The modern right meanwhile, is a conglomeration of Paleo-Cons (Reagan-ites), Neo-Cons (Bushies), Evangelicals (Ted Cruz), Rockefeller Conservatives (Chris Christie), Libertarians (who themselves are divided), and Alt-Righters (MAGA folk). These people have very little in common, yet all have to fight over control of a super divided party. Arguments like what happened last night are bound to happen more and more, due to a pretty significant change from the past decade; the internet.

In years past, the way Americans received their political information came from mainstream platforms like network television, radio, etc. Since these media forms are primarily controlled by the left, the only media people were exposed to were liberal ones, or at most, those of the establishment right. Now though, in the ever-increasing fear of fake news and low-credibility that network news faces, people have turned to alternative and independent sources that have been popping up online. Groups like InfoWars, Louder with Crowder, and The Rebel Media all reach more ears and have more impact than anything on traditional media. The rise of Trump increased how many eyeballs these new forms got as well, as some got cred from either throwing their hat in the ring for Trump, supporting his boldness and ability to make the right look strong, or criticizing him, questioning whether his brash techniques and offensive language would set the right back and turn politics into even more of a circus. When Trump took office, there was a temporary alliance between these groups though, as they all informally united to fight against the stupidity of Antifa and other groups who refused to accept Trump as president. Last night showed that the fighting between groups has resumed though, and I’m not sure this fighting will go away. With 33 senate seats up for grabs in just a year, this is significant. Could this in-fighting disturb more establishment candidates from winning? What happens if Democrats get control under a Trump presidency? Can we handle another 4 years of gridlock? Scary but important questions to consider.

People are inherently tribal, and will always want to take a side, and last night was no different. I agree with the rationality of Laura and her supporters. Rep. Scalise is still in the hospital after getting shot in a targeted attack from a Bernie supporter just days ago. Public figures like Ann Coulter, Lauren Southern, and Milo Yiannopoulos literally have riots and violence incited against them when they want to speak at public events. Our own Vice President was publicly chastised when he went to a production of Hamilton in New York. If the left wants to handle the political game like this, why doesn’t the right get to return the favor? This is why the right smiles when Trump shouts fake news, and applaud whenever Antifa members face justice for their heinous actions. I’m assuming when Laura rushed the stage last night that she would face similar support, but instead she found a wide array of opinion, and you know what? I’m not sure I know where I stand on this one. While I think the right’s power comes from moral and logical superiority to the left, the current stance hasn’t gotten us much ground. Meanwhile, the brash, bold, and rule-breaking ways of Trump and the alt-right have empowered the right in ways we haven’t seen in years. I’m interested to see what you guys think. Is what Laura did the right move? Let me know in my poll and in the comments below. I’m fascinated to hear what you all think. All I know is, if you don’t have a side in all this you better get one soon. Its getting real.

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